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"Grabow" boot

Tom posted a Sparta-made pipe recently...a big ol' boot.  After we were all done drooling for a few days, he went on to share about 'Donnie' being the designer and pipe maker of these boots and hats:

"A Grabow employee, Donnie M., was a real talent. He took over the carving (wire and otherwise) after Ed Woodle retired.

In 1992 or 93  Donnie designed and made a pipe shaped like a boot and one like a 10 gallon hat. His pipes were "hits" in Texas, Oklahoma and a few other places. I think they were $100.00 retail.
Grabow set Donnie up with his own work area to make only these 2 pipes from start to finish. They also gave Donnie an option as to how to be paid for his idea and work. He chose to be paid extra at an hourly rate.
So he was being paid slightly more than the regular Grabow foremen.

The pipes continued to sell, and Donnie had quite a bit of "work in process" and finished stock when Lane took over.

The new "executives" decided that he couldn't be paid as much as he was being paid so they wanted to reduce his pay and buy his idea.
Donnie said "I packed up everything I was working on and all my personal stuff and left that day". Never to return.

He has quite a few of these in various stages, but has never tried to market them or make any more.. although he has the talent to do both.

It is a interesting pipe and was made in the Grabow factory by a Grabow employee..  td"

Shortly after Tom's eBay auction for 2 of these boots appeared.  Rick and I agreed to split'em.  After waiting for the price to come down, we landed the boots, and they just arrived.  I've just shipped the smooth finish boot to Rick, and here is the rustic.  As Tom noted...these aren't small.  Bigger than any Grabow I have...except for the Unique.   Shocked

Rick...yours is on the way Priority Mail!  Once she arrives...please post some pics here!!!!

ozark southpaw

That is cool Joe ! I like the fact that it is sandblasted!!  What are the dimensions?

Boot overall length: 5 1/2"; boot only length: 2 1/2"; height: 3 1/2", diameter across the top 'flaps': 1 9/16"; chamber: a hair under 3/4".

This pipe is taller than the Unique!  Grabow 81 and Unique for reference.


Well, that pipe has to definitely win the "most unusual pipe of the day" contest. Nicely done though. Congrats.
Gary Balestrieri Jr

That's freakin awesome Joe!  And to find two at the same time has got to be rare!   Did Donnie stamp them at all?  Are they marked Grabow?  
Great score!  Congrats you guys!

Gary...NO markings.  Tom can confirm, but don't believe he marked any of them with stampings.

Really nice!!!

Congrats, Joe and Rick! Those are truly unique pipes. I like the blast on that one, Joe. It almost looks like embossed leather on the boot.


Nice looking.

I like y'all's style, JoeMan. Course it needs a spur on it.....kind of an afterburner, you understand.  Smile

Great stuff.  Glad they went to guys on here!
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