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A ridiculous restoration ...

A guy for whom I was doing some pipe restorations send me an old three-hole stingeer Kaywoodie apple that was totally shot for parts and pieces to use in restoring another KW for him.

When I got done with his other pipes I had this batter old KW bowl left and was attempting to remove the female mortise to refit it with a free hand stem when the shank split so I was left with a mess.

I decided to see what I had in the junk box I could make a pipe out of using this bowl sans its shank and found a cherry wood shank extension and vulcanite stem that were close fits.

The cherry wood shank had some surface cracks so I epoxied them from the inside and inserted the stem's tenon as reinforcement. It cannot be removed from the shank.

Ditto on the cherry wood shank and bowl joint. It has been epoxied into the shortened shank. It cannot be removed.

The air channel from the lip to the bowl is straight through and the pipe will pass the pipe cleaner test.

Since the bowl was pretty well beat up on the outside, I worm-hole rusticated out all of the dings and cuts.

The engineering is proper in this pipe although it is simply a one-piece pipe. I smoked a bowl through it and it works fine.

It's probably the most ridiculous revival I have come up with, but it works for what it is ... sent it back to the guy!

Thelonious Monkfish

Wow, warhorse. Waste not, nice.
C.E. Purdy

A tackle box pipe. If you get drunk and fall out the boat while it's in your mouth, when you come up you can blow the little fishys out and keep on drinking. No harm done.  Laughing

Love it!! Very Happy
ozark southpaw

You shoulda charged him extra !!

Hey!  That would make a great fishing pipe for sure!

Looks like a fine pipe to me.  Good on 'ya for keeping it in play!

Nice thinking, outside the box. Looks like it will burn baccy just fine. Good job.

That's good enough to do what it's supposed to do! Anytime you can turn what would otherwise be firewood into a useful object is a success story in my book.

doesn't matter what it looks like, as long as it fits in the face and smokes

I applaud you sir. Well done!!!

The guy got it, smoked it and love it ... you just never know!
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