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Added Another Omega

You know, I just love the Omega!  This one just arrived here today.  I have it a little swabbing out, and once that dries completely, ah yes, a fine smoke it will be I am sure!   It is in very good condition.  The Seller, wow, the shipping packaging was superb!

Great condition! Has the Silver Duke type rustication like mine.

All that great Briar for $10.50 Out standing

Great looking pipe and an excellent price!
Thelonious Monkfish

Nice one, picked up a Jobey Torino Zulu a while back from the same seller.
C.E. Purdy

Nice! Enjoy.

Great acquisition!

Good deal on what we know are great smokers. Congrats.

Nice looking pipe, MT! I still don't have an Omega despite it being one of my favorite Grabows from the get-go. I keep holding out because I'm thinking I'll pick one up in an estate lot sometime. No joy so far though.

Thats a great score. It looks in pretty nice shape. Congrats.

That's a nice find.
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