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Dave G

Aged Imported Grabow

This is the first Grabow I've seen with "aged imported briar" stampings.  It was in fair condition compared to what I usually start with. I de-caked the rim and bowl, removed the varnish and deoxidized the stem. Some say the aged stamped pipes were made right after WWII to distance them from the domestic briar pipes. Does anyone know the story on these?


I have a pipe stamped with that, but it's not a Grabow. It is like Sean's, with the red dot in a silver liner.
Gary Balestrieri Jr

Beautiful pipe Dave!  Great job!

Beautiful pipe, Dave. Nice work and that stamping is cool.

That's a very cool looking Grabow . I like the script on the stamping too . Looks like the Olde London pipe script.

I have seen a couple Grabows stamped like that but never knew what it meant. I have seen some other brands with this type stamping too.
ozark southpaw

Nice Grand Duke Dave ! That stamping I believe is later than just after WW2. Grand Dukes,Royal Dukes etc didn't go into production until 1964 according to the time line here--

This'll be a dumb reply, but its my dumb reply.. because I know it happened.

The beautiful "script" stamps were made by A & M Steel Stamp. Still in business..

These beautiful stamps, used by Grabow and SMF, were created by an engineers drawing. They were pieces of art and A & M did them EXACTLY as drawn.

When IBM made the "Selectric" typewriter this art went away.
Ask a secretary to order a stamp that says "AGED IMPORTED BRIAR" and you'd get exactly what the typewriter would type..

A small change, but significant..  td
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