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Another Cigar Holder NOS

Got another cigar holder this evening on ebay , I liked the other one so much I couldn't let it ride & It has the spade . G'Day Gents.
ozark southpaw

Nice score! Although I don't smoke cigars I do like the briar cigar holders.

Thanks Sir, I don't smoke a lot of cigars but once in awhile when out & about I like a cigar. G'Day Sir

Love it!  I can see where those could be an addiction, too.

Very nice, and spaded too.  Shocked That didn't sound just right.
Congrats sir.
Thelonious Monkfish

Good looking holder, congrats.

Nice,looks just like the 1 that I have.

Hi Gents just thought I would show the two cigar holders  with a picture of my own making.

Now you need to get a pack of the old Dr Grabow soft rubber cigar holders.

Those are sharp!
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