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Bartlett Pipe

I was asked what I thought about my Bartlett pipe and figured I'd start a new topic. If you don't know what it is, it's the 'Upside down pipe'.The history as I know it is there have been 3 variations. It was invented in the 70's. Sparta picked up the rights and produced them in the 80's for 8-10yrs. Didn't take off. Right's returned to inventor. Seems they are no longer produced.
A Sparta example:

Mine has a red stain, and the chain to hold the cap. My stem is from a junk pipe I had. The weirdest thing is not seeing the baccy burn.First smoke required a tamp halfway through and the bowl got dang hot! Second time out, the pack was perfect. One light,no tamp. Just weird not tending the bowl like normal.......Guess this is why the never went anywhere.

We'll see how it does in the rain at work! Wink
ozark southpaw

Why couldn't ya turn the stem 180 degrees and smoke it "right side up" ?

ozark southpaw wrote:
Why couldn't ya turn the stem 180 degrees and smoke it "right side up" ?

Good Question!
It has a screen on the bottom.(top of normal pipe)
You wouldn't be able to tamp and the metal lid would heat the pipe past the point of being able to hold it.

Not a very attractive pipe but as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder Smile

Only website I could find on short notice. Yep, invented by a NH poet.

We bought the patent and tried for several years to make it work. Didn't. Ultimately gave the patent back to the inventor.

As of last year he was still selling a maple version. He may have died, or sold his patent to someone else.

We even experimented with a "cob" version. I've smoked so many Bartletts that I consider myself an expert. Its different....Mikey may like it... e.
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