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Big pipe

Snagged a big pipe last week.  Love the finish on this one.

Hmmm, guess I better set aside time for a "longer" smoke with this one...

Wow...I don't remember seeing that one. the blast.  And it's black!  Smile  Ed and Carl love'm done like this!

JoeMan wrote:
Wow...I don't remember seeing that one. the blast.  And it's black!  Smile  Ed and Carl love'm done like this!


That is a really nice Big Pipe, congrats!
ozark southpaw

That's gotta be the ugliest Big Pipe I've ever seen !! Rolling Eyes

I can't recall ever seeing a sandblasted Big Pipe.

Too bad it's black.... Sad  Sad

Congrats on the pipe bud, It may not be my style of pipe but it looks like its in good shape , should smoke well , G'day Sir

I did see it after Deano found it at the factory and it is a beauty. Joeman got a blond one that's a pretty chunk of Big Pipe too!

Love that sandblast.

Very nice, i like the others never seen a sandblast big pipe before.

Black sandblast billiard is always a classic to me, enjoy !
Tiki Vegas

Nice pipe and great story for it.  It would be on my short list--and a blasted one--even better. Everyone likes black.  Wink

That finish rocks!  Congrats!


That's one big, black, blasted briar.

Thelonious Monkfish

Nice one, congrats.

Congratulations!  Yep, that is a nice finish.

Nice, didn't see that one. Very Happy

Cruddy images, but here's the natural Big.  They stamped it Grabow for me.  Smile


That's a dandy, Joe!

By the time I got back to Florida I was tired of looking on the $9.63, including shipping, DG Big Pipe billiard I snagged off eBay so as I promised JoeMan I was skin it and see what was under the ugly shellac job.

Here it is as I got it - unsmoked no less:

Here it is sanded out:

It has six fills, none larger than a pin head, and three tobacco leaves carved into the surface. Ironically none of the tobacco leaf carvings cover any fills!

I like it just the way it is - freckled a bit like me.

The interesting thing is that I picked up a Columbia lovat out of the leftover pipes in the back room at the factory and it is nearly the same size as the Big Pipe but much lighter. It has been an excellent smoker from  the first light.

Here's some photos of it and then some comparing it to the Big Pipe:

ozark southpaw

I like both of those Dave ! Like the way the Big Pipe lightened up.

Dandy.  Yup, I'm surprised by the size of that Columbia.

That Big Pipe turned out nicely.


I do like that!!

Very nice!! Very Happy
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