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Breaking in my newest pipe, a Royalton Bent Bulldog

As most of you here probably know, I'm the noob to the forum.  

As good fortune would have it, right after joining Joeman invited me to join the group that was touring the Dr. Grabow Sparta Factory this past Thursday.

My 24 y.o. son Seth was home for his little sister's H.S. graduation and was able to join me for the tour.   Man what a great father-son outing this turned out to be.

I know I most likely asked too many questions and took too many pictures, but I just couldn't help myself.  

During the tour I think it became overwhelmingly apparent that I have an absolute obsession with Bent Bulldogs.  My very first pipe, a Royalton Bent Bulldog, was a gift to me from a fantastic friend and mentor, a retired Marine General, back in the summer of 1982 while I was stationed in Pensacola FL.

Over the years this pipe was lost, and for whatever reason, I'd not replaced it.

It was probably apparent to most folks there that I knew very little about the company, the pipes or the history.  After the tour this has all started to change and I've been spending what spare time I have reading up on things, both here and elsewhere.

At the conclusion of the tour we were given the opportunity to purchase pipes, both finished and unfinished.

While I was digging through the boxes, picking up 3 unfinished Bent Bulldogs and a few CDL's, Rick, the GM of the plant, came up to me and handed me a beautiful Royalton Bent Bulldog with an amber bit.  Just like my very first pipe!

So, as I sit here typing this I am breaking in this beauty with a wonderful bowl of Carter Hall and sippin on my favorite Scotch...  Glenrothes.


Wow, Dino...I didn't know Rick did that for you!  No surprise though.  Glad you guys were able to join!!!

Congrats on being "reunited" with such a nice pipe.

Thanks Joe.

The best part was that he sold it to me for the same price as the finished pipes we were looking through...  $20 !

To say that I'm stoked would be an understatement.

Thanks again for the invite.

So, while I'm letting the Royalton rest I thought I'd continue breakin in new briars.  Smile

Here's one of my other new acquisitions...

A neat little CDL.


Cool pipes!

Beautiful 83 there , congrats on the new pipes sir, G'Day
Tiki Vegas

That Royalton is at the top of my list for next Grabow pipe. And would have picked up a factory CDL too, didn't know there were any left!
ol gto

Nice pipes, enjoy!

Nice looking pipes.

Stunning, Congrats!!!

Great pipes! The 83 bulldog is one of the few bent pipes I can get along with just fine. In my opinion the size and shape is just about perfect for this type of pipe. Enjoy!
Thelonious Monkfish

Beautiful 83 and a great gesture. Dig that squat mushroom CDL too. Thanks for the pictures, it's nice to get a look inside.

Thats a very nice Royalton ! I hope it brings you many fine smokes.

Just got home from a "going away party" for one of my neighbors and good friends.  He's a Lt. Col. in the USAF and has accepted a position @ the Pentagon.  Gonna miss him.

Anyway, got up to the mancave and decided to smoke yet another bowl of Carter Hall in my new Royalton.

Gotta tell ya, I'm loving this pipe and I'm really enjoying the Carter Hall.

Although I've had the CH in my tobacco lineup for quite a while now, I had been smoking my English and Lat blends predominantly.

Breaking in the new Grabow has turned out to be a Double Bonus.

1.  I love that I have another Grabow Bent Bulldog in my stable.

2.  I'm really enjoying the Carter Hall.  More than I had imagined.


after smokin 8 or 10 bowls of CH in er I decided to try a new to me blend that arrived today...  Esoterica Dorchester.

What a great tobacco and what a great pipe to smoke it in.
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