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First little bucko for me.  yay!

Hmmm, big brother makes him look a bit "tiny"...

Sweet little pipe, glad we found those on the tour.
ozark southpaw

Nice! I've always like the looks of the Bucko but only have one and it has a replacement stem. If I ever get some of these others thinned out may have to look for another or two.
Tiki Vegas

Saw one on ebay recently. Is that it?

Came from NC with me last week.
Thelonious Monkfish

Like that one, I was surprised how well they smoke for their size.

Yes sir, very nice!  Love mine, a superb little nosewarmer.  Perfect for twists, plugs and ropes.

Very nice Bucko! Most ive seen are smooth not doulbe carved.

Great little pipes, IMHO. They definitely do the job when a lil'un is called for.

Very nice pipes there bud , well done , I have a bucko & really like it smokes great.

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