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Tiki Vegas

Collegiate surprise

This is a 96s or Collegiate (slim)Bulldog (I think).  I picked it up from ebay on a whim  last week. It had no description and only two pictures.  There was a chance the rim was burnt or banged up, but it's fine. However I was not thrilled with the size, it's like the Continental sized pipes. Nothing wrong but do like a larger pipe. I did not know what type it was. Just thought rusticated bulldog with saddle bit.  Looking it up on the charts it appears to be a Collegiate. Always was mildly interested in that line. Now if I ever tried to get a Collegiate I'd never find one. Got this by accident really. Thought I would post the picture since I'm so bad at taking them when I renew a pipe. Now at least will have a "before" picture. It's an orange spade--the stem is turned and haven't tried to rotate it yet.

Will require just a basic cleaning except for a crack on the shank. I will need to do a little research on the material you guys use for fills--just when I thought I had all the supplies needed.
Tiki Vegas

Here is the top of the shank and the crack.
Forgot to mention what really drew me to this is it was a WESTBROOK. Didn't have any of those. And looking back in the archives, was interested in "how to ID a Collegiate" back in Oct 2015. Now I have a Westbrook AND a Collegiate!

Excellent find, happy for you! Two birds with one stone! Keep us posted on the refurb. Looks like maybe someone cracked the shank trying remove or tightening the stem?
ozark southpaw

Nice score. I've only had a couple collegiate pipes and they were Westbrooks.

I'd try to dribble some thin CA glue in that crack. May take a few applications to fill it. These tips are great for gluing small cracks. Can get them at Stew-Mac, Penn State, etc,  Here's where I found the pic--


looks swell!
Tiki Vegas

With CA glue, to glue then clamp?  Or to fill?  That crack is on the side of the bushing that takes the threaded part of the Adjusto. So I'm not sure if the crack happened naturally or from someone cranking on it. Reminds me, should put it in the freezer to loosen stem.
ozark southpaw

You can try to clamp it although I doubt it will close up,but the glue should stabilize it and fill the crack.

Clint...since it's nearly an identical repair needed...thought I'd show you this additional option:
Tiki Vegas

Thanks for the idea.  That's just what I needed so I can plan on restoring.

Dint know there was two Clint's on the forum , anyway good luck Clint on your repair bud, after seeing Joe's repair it shouldn't be to bad and you will have her back in service, G'Luck & G'Day
Tiki Vegas

Oh, I thought it impolite to correct a Golden Duke status member Laughing

It's actually Chris, sometimes I sign off with that. And I just forgot to add that to my last post to clarify.
Tiki Vegas


**thanks to whomever moved this post to the correct topic. I forgot about the "before and after".

Started on the Collegiate last night. I used some glue for the crack but I was a bit anxious and forgot about making some briar dust first. It turned out ok, not sure if I'll try it again or just call it "done".  Also found a small crack at the button of the stem which was tiny and repaired fine. Really would have been easy besides the cracks and the crud inside.  I think this pipe was smoked, never cleaned and set down when it got plugged up and wouldn't smoke anymore. Who knows.  It really is a petite thing, so I set it next to my # 24, which I consider to be a normal sized pipe.

I will make myself wait at least 2 days while the Collegiate dries out. Last time I cleaned that #24 pictured, I lit it up immediately after buffing. It scalded my mouth with all the moisture it was holding.  

Was it worth it? Wasn't the best value out there; it's ok, another traditional, old Grabow back in service.
Have learned you have to prepare to fill a simple crack. Lucky those old double carved pipes are so forgiving.
I must have used this forum's archives at least 4 times. Got great advice and  suggestions from others a couple times just on this post. Thanks guys, it takes the uncertainty out of a new process.

Chris C

Congrats there Chris, well done,I hope she makes you a great smoker , G'Day Sir
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