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Commodore and Sculptura collection

I've been working on this collection for a while now. I've wanted to fill my 12 pipe rack with them and now I'm up to 13! Here are 10 that I've cleaned up so far. The lighting is off... They really dont have that grayish tint in person. I love this finish...

Gary Balestrieri Jr

Great collection Wes!   You know,  they don't make a 13 spot pipe rack.  So that means you're gonna have to get a 24 rack!   Oh darn,  poor you!  Lol!   Laughing
That 81 is my favorite of the group!    How long do you figure it took you to aquire these thus far?  

Nice collection

Gary, I've probably been working on this collection for about 2 years. With 2 boys under 3, going to the academy and changing careers happening during those 2 years it's been a long process! They all smoke great. The unbanded 45 (2nd from bottom,right column) was my first. The two 45's and 2 69's are my favorites. I'd love a 69Y and 45S.

Make that 13.5... I just remembered I have a Commodore 70 bowl in the "needs serious work" box.
Gary Balestrieri Jr

Yeah,  those 45s are very nice!  I like the large bowl size of those.    I think you did pretty good in that two years then,  with all you had going on!   Congrats!

Yeah, I like the bowl size of the 45 and 69 as well. That bulldog is a heck of a smoker too.

That's an absolutely beautiful collection, Wes!
ozark southpaw

Very nice group Wes !
Dave G

Beautiful collection.
ol gto

Nice collection Wes!

Now that is  a Sweet collection !

Great group!

Way cool collection. Congrats on overachieving your 12 rack goal. I like how all the finishes are the same but yet each still uniquely different.

Gotta love that Grabow blast finish!  They did it as well as anyone.  I see a Dublin TR there that came from Greenville!  Smile
C.E. Purdy

Very nice!

Super nice collection Wes, and I think you did great to accomplish it in 2 years with all the other factors. Congrats sir.

JoeMan wrote:
Cottage love that Grabow blast finish!  They did it as well as anyone.  I see a Dublin TR there that came from Greenville!  Smile

Best I remember 3 in that picture came from Greenville! The 84, banded 45 and TR Dublin. I have another Sculptura from you that needs cleaning. It was spotless when I got it but it became my fishing pipe and needs a good scrubbing.

Thanks guys. Hunting these down was a lot of fun. I just love that finish on them and think Grabow really got the stain color exactly right with both of these lines.

Very beautyfoul pipes!!
Sweet smokes!

Wow! Nice collection Wes.


Nice stable old boy!

Nice looking pipes Wes.

Very nice group indeed!

This is a gorgeous collection you got there Sir!
Very Happy
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