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Dr Grabow Viscount

Haven't been around in a while as I've been busy with my on-line pipe stores. But I wanted to share this unbelievable Dr Grabow Viscount md# 46 I recently purchased. This thing is flawless, and as I was doing a restore/refinish on it, I couldn't help but notice that it was cut from a perfect piece or fills, no pits, no dings or dents. An absolute masterpiece, and if I'm not mistaken, quite rare as well. I know I've never seen one (in the Starfire line yes, Viscount no), and doubt I ever will least not in this condition.


great looking pipe

Freaking nice

Re: great looking pipe

russellwilson1979 wrote:
Freaking nice

Thanks.....I know my eyes locked on the pipe the minute I saw it.

Gorgeous pipe.  Nice find!


Sweet pipe !!!  Smooth Viscounts i have seen  in person have all had nice looking briar, that one you have could have easily been a Emperor.
ozark southpaw

Very nice !  I really like the smooth Viscounts !

Super Nice!!! Thanks for sharing.

Sweet find.

Thanks for the eye candy!
Dave G


Thanks everyone. A real classic from Dr Grabow.
Thelonious Monkfish

Nice, congrats.
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