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Dr. Garbow Cigar Holder NOS

Here is a couple pictures of a nos Grabow wire carved Cigar Holder, no spade .Just bought a few minutes ago can't wait to get it & try her out.

AWESOME.  Very nicely done.

Congrats sir, that's a very nice find.
ozark southpaw

Cool score !

Thanks guys , I have been wanting one for awhile and was tempted on other brands a couple times but decided to wait till a grabow came along & I got lucky today. I wish it had the spade but can't have everything I guess.G'Day Gents.

An excellent find, congratulations!

Spade or no spade, still cool.
Thelonious Monkfish

Nice catch, you can always add a spade to it later.

Very nice,I have a smooth 1 with a white spade.
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