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Dr. GRabow Reserve

I bought this pipe on the 2014 factory tour out of the lobby. It's not stamped at all. I just packed the first bowl in it. So I'm really enjoying some CH in her right now.



It's gorgeous especially that stem I have two royaltons with a similar orange stem and no stamping they're factory pipes as well

Very pretty
Tiki Vegas

Those Royaltons are good looking, that Reserve is beautiful.


Very nice Tim.

Thanks guys, I think she's gonna be a very nice smoker too.
ozark southpaw

I like the color of that one. I have the same pipe,I think, in sandblast.

Nice looking pipe ...

Fine looking chunk o Briar Red

Great stuff!
Thelonious Monkfish

I like that grain, nice one. Got a Pot like it from the back room, unsmoked still, probably pull it out tonight and load it with CH. Thanks for jogging my memory.
Tiki Vegas

Carter Hall?  You guys must keep plenty of that on hand just for breaking in your new pipes, right?  Only kidding. Can't find that around here and was out of stock last time I ordered tobacco. Never tried it yet, but did get some Prince Albert.

I do keep some of it on hand, and PA, and Heine's Blend, and SWR, and a bunch more. Every now and then there's just nothing that hits the spot like one of those old OTC's. However I'm a Latakia junkie, so I keep a lot of those blends on hand too.

Nice!  Looks like some fine grain there.
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