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Factory test pipe? Collectible?

I got this pipe in today after winning it on eBay. It was listed as:
"Vintage Heavy Pipe New NOS Very Nic Briar Pipe Rough Carved Briar Very Cool" by "art4folks" in Sparta, NC. (Invoice shows Shawn Andrews on New Haven Road in Sparta) who claimed:

This pipe was purchased at an Estate Sale for a former Dr. Grabow office worker. They owned many pipes from both Dr. Grabow and around the world. I am unsure of the exact origins of this pipe beyond that.

This Vintage Pipe has no writing that I have found. It is a  Heavy Pipe New NOS Very Nice Rough Carved Brair Very Cool.

This pipe is nearly 6.5" from the bowl end to the end of the stem and the bowl is a solid 2" high.

Turns out to be pretty accurate. Carl Purdy brought the pipe to our attention and then was kind enough to back off it and let me go for it. With postage it cost me $27.50.

My main interest was in comparing it to my Israeli and DG free hands. Not much difference in size and shape but it does have a completely new type of carving and a non-filter acrylic stem that is attractive.

If this is of value to any of you for your DG collections I'll part with it for what I have in it and throw in the shipping.

If no one is interested I may smooth out the carving surface a bit and, of course, will fire it up. I have a "smoking" collection not a "looking at" collection, so make a note never to give me a pipe you don't want me to smoke.

Just thought I would make one last offer while it is in its original NOS condition. Drop me a PM if you want it ... have a good weekend ... Dave

It's found a new home ...

Great stuff.  You're a good 'un, Dave!

vwdeano wrote:
Great stuff.  You're a good 'un, Dave!

Wished I could take credit for it but someone else on this forum who wishes to remain anonymous covered the cost and suggested it be sent to another person on the forum as a way of saying thanks for all the things he has done for us ... I know that sounds thoroughly confusing but it is on its was to a good well-deserving new home!

I am just glad I got the chance to look at it ... Dave
ozark southpaw

I've seen that type of rustication on a couple of pipes and have an Eagle engraved 37 that has rustication that looks a lot like whats on that Freehand.
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