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Had To Look Twice at This One

I was in my local antique store the other day when I saw a Dr. Grabow in a case. I was interested, of course, but I became even more interested when I noticed the spade on the shank of the pipe and logo on the stem pointing back. I asked the nice lady to please open the case without sounding too excited =)

What I found was this:

It's stamped "Linkman's" over a cursive "Dr Grabow". Under that is "Selct Grain".

Just under than (too dark to see in the photo) is "Pre-Smoked" and a patent number.

The other side has the number 8487 and under that "Imported Bruyere"
The panel under that is a patent number.

Anyway,I  was just excited to find that old pipe in such good condition and wanted to share it with you all.

I also picked up a Linkman's Hollycourt apple from the same lot. After I get it cleaned up I'll post a picture of that.

Awesome find
ozark southpaw

Nice Linkmans!

She's a beauty, congratulations sir!


That's a real nice one, congrats on your find.

What a great score! That one looks to be in really good condition!

Very nice find there for sure!
C.E. Purdy

That's a nice one!

Very cool find sir, Congrats. I can't wait to see them both cleaned up.

Congrats!! Very Happy That is one great pipe. Looking forward to the after pics.

Out standing.I do love me a Linkman

That's a very nice example you found, congrats Mike!!!

very nice find

Here's another shot of the 8487:

That Viking in the back with the replacement bowl just came in yesterday.

Here's the Linkman's Hollycourt:

I had to do quite a bit of scrubbing on that one. It was an obvious favorite in its day.

Tomorrow I'll clean the Viking and start enjoying that. It's my second one.
Thelonious Monkfish

Nice score, congratulations. Those old Linkman's are great and you got some good examples.

An apple... nice!!! Very Happy

And then I found this wartime ad for Dr Grabow and Hollycourt pipes:

That's from a 1942 edition of Life Magazine.
Dave G

Very nice. I can't believe how well that Linkman's has been preserved. You occasionally see a Linkman billiard for sale, but I've never seen one of these up for grabs.

Nice eye candy, thanks for sharing!

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