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HLT made Bruce Peters Bench Made billaird

Picked up this Bruce Peters Bench Made coupon pipe from Lonnie in a trade.

I think i got the better end of the trade , but don't tell him  Wink

Its also posted on my blog if you would like to see more pics,history and info on the Penn Tobacco Co., Kentucky Club coupon pipes.

The pipe needed very little done other than the use of some elbow grease. The stem was just overclocked enough to bug the crap out of me, so i did re clock the stem.

The pipe was missing the cleaner but i found a correct match in my stinger/cleaner parts container.

I am very happy with my trade, i have been wanting a nice Bruce Peters for a while. The pipe smokes excellent and has a easy draw.

Since this is a Kentucky Club coupon pipe and since the C&D Bob Bushman tobacco i just picked up reminds me a lot of the Kentucky Club blends i will keep it stored in a old KC tin i have and smoke it in my Bruce Peters  Very Happy



Good looking pipe, Congrats!!!

Don't let Troy kid you. It never looked that good when I owned it! Laughing

Looks swell.

Nice looking.
ozark southpaw

Nice !

Very nice pipe there Troy & she looks great well done, G'Day
Thelonious Monkfish

That's sweet looking, nice clean up. Dig the whole concept of keeping the tobacco, tin and pipe together. Like a pipe smoking time capsule.

Another fine looking pipe sir, congrats.
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