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Abe Frohman

How many Meerschaum Grabows do we have on the forum?

Been looking for one for the collection, and it got me wondering if any of you folks have any?  If you've got one, show me a picture and tell me about it.

I've got these 3 in the collection, and 2 more of the Italian made examples in the 'work pipe' box which will see the light of day sometime in the future.

The top 2 are Italian-made and imported by Mastercraft.  The 3rd one - with the spade, is a Sparta shape, made by Grabow.

Here is a quote from Tom:

When Grabow decided to sell Meerschaum lined, the pipes were imported by Mastercraft from Gasparini and GIGI PIPE in Varese Italy. Grabow finally figured out how to drill, insert, and glue in meerschaum "cups".

A spade TM in the stem will give it away. The spade means "made in Sparta".

Some of the Italian made imported meer-lined had the "outline" of a spade stamped on the stem, some did not.  None of the Italiam made will be in Sparta shapes or finishes, whereas all of the Sparta made meer-lined will be Sparta shapes...and have a Spade...and will not say "Italy" on them.
Abe Frohman

Meer-Lined is on my agenda also, but I'm looking for the carved Meers that were imported and marketed.  Those are some good looking pipes none the less.

My bad...I misunderstood.
Abe Frohman

No worries, it's still good stuff.
ozark southpaw

I have one,which is unsmoked and will stay that way as long as I have it. Had another but sold it to Rick.

Abe Frohman

That's a good lookin' pipe, if you don't mind my asking, what did you sell the other for, how was the condition etc?.

I have 2 now 1 unsmoked (well it used to be) claw and egg I got for 60 and I think the Ed sold me was 35 not super sure on that one though
Abe Frohman

I saw a print ad for them once upon a time, I need to see if I can track it down again so I can try to target one specifically.  Claw and egg is what I've been keeping an eye out for since it's a pretty simple design.  Anyone know if there was a simple billiard that they offered?

Edit:  Right after I posted, I found the advert.  If I remember right there were some non-advertised designs also?  The carver just kind of deviated or some such?
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