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Abe Frohman

I got one!

Sorry if I was bidding against anyone on this, but I've been keeping an eye out for a Bard for a while.  Now I get to mark this off my list.  Picture swiped from the fleabay listing.

Click to see full size image

good going

Congrats and enjoy it!

ozark southpaw

Good score ! Don't see many of those!
Abe Frohman

Yeah, not sure how rare they actually are, but I've only ever heard of 5 of them including this one.  I'm sure there is a warehouse full of them somewhere just waiting to be found.

Next on the list is a Grabow Meer I think.

Great stuff!


Attaboy! Congrats.
Thelonious Monkfish

Nice score.

Congrats, Abe! Nice score!

Sweet pipe, and I think you'll enjoy the meer lined when you acquire one also. Congrats sir.
Abe Frohman

Nay sir, not a meer lined.  Looking for a real deal meerschaum.  Hard to come by as I understand it, much like the bards.

Oh, OK. Yes sir, they are a little hard to find.

Congrats on your score.
Gary Balestrieri Jr

Looks to be in good shape.  Congrats Abe!

JoeMan brought a BARD back to life from an ugly death for me. Excellent little smoker. Well done, Abe. Know you'll enjoy it.  Smile
Abe Frohman

I don't even have it yet and I already enjoy it, just wish I hadn't found it on eBay.  Took a lot of the thrill of the hunt out of it for me, but realistically it's a rare bird and finding one out in the wild probably would have never happened with the small area I travel around in for hunting.
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