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Imported Briar

Doesn't say grabow, just imported briar and has no spade.  Looks like the rook type stinger on the belvederes to me...  Oval shank...  Normal rustication...

Picked it up very cheaply in an antique shop while on the road this week.

For those that know, please confirm that this looks to be a grabow.  I always question my own judgement.

Looks like it'll clean up nicely.  Good looking pipe to my eyes.  Think it'll be a fine smoker, too.


Sweet !!!

I like Canadians.

Looks like a 84 to me , nice find.

Great grab old boy!

Yep, looks like it to me as well, but I am sure no "expert"  Looks good!

That's a really sweet old pipe sir, and I agree, it looks like an 84.
ozark southpaw

Certainly unusual to see that type of rustication on an cleaner/Ajusto equipped pipe.
Great score !!

Very nice looking pipe!

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