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Lets see your Buckos

Here are my notes from forum posts.

Made 1985 or so to maybe 1991.

Kaywoodie had a similar sized pipe at one time, called the Colt.    Think Grabow copied from KYM in this case…..  td

We had a fellow at Grabow who ended every line with "bucko". Good job "bucko", nice work "bucko", nice shot "bucko". He is still alive, so no names, but was big and short.   So, when we copied the COLT... or a short stout pipe, how would you suspect we got the name? See how simple it is... td

Bucko...copied from M.

Made rustic and smooth, push stem, yellow spade.

I'll go first

I love the "bucko" story!!

Tom...any recollection as to why some Buckos got the yellow t/m and others white?  I'm hazarding a guess that white are later, after yellow stopped...
ozark southpaw

My only Bucko. It has a non-original stem fitted by Thomas Martin back when I didn't have the knowledge or tools to do it myself.


I usually don't get much time to post more than a blurb but my head is spinning up here in PA and I need to decompress. Laughing

Here is the the one that I had been looking for since I first joined the forum... whodathunk that it had been sitting in the Grabow Backroom all this time waiting for me to make my first visit last year. Very Happy It was found unsmoked and I remedied that problem shortly thereafter.


Man, I love KW Colts, I'm going to have to be on the lookout for a Bucko dangit!

Mine looks like Seans, I got it NOS, got lucky, G'Day



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