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Lets see your Dr. Grabow Reserve and Collectors

Lets see your Reserve Series made in Sparta for tobacco shops to stamp with their own name and Collector, Collectors, Collectors Choice, 2002 2003 and Special 11 (Commemorated Grabow Founding anniversary)

Someone go first
Tiki Vegas

I can't find mine!

update; found a nice Omega behind my desk. Will keep looking for my 2003 SE.

Here's a couple, Collector 03 at top and Special 11 at bottom, that I have had. They've been passed on but I do not remember to whom. Dave


those are both pretty sweet, Dave!

This is my only Reserve.


Oh, that junker Tim?  You should send that to Greenville for disposal.  Wink

Oldredbeard wrote:
This is my only Reserve.

That pipe is PRETTY !
ozark southpaw

I bought these two during the 2010 DGCF meet in Sparta. Sold the smooth pipe.but still have the blasted pipe. Tom got them stamped Dr. G. for me.

Ed you should sell me that Hillcrest 83.  Wink

Is it ok to include a Patriot?  Patriot bent (2015) and Reserve small blasted apple.

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