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Lets see your Dr.Grabow Viscounts

Lets see your Dr.Grabow Viscounts.

From my notes on Viscount - mostly from TED:  Viscount made 1956 – 1992.  White Viscount started 1969.  Color Viscount started 1970

Briar quality of Viscount was among the best.  Blocks that were graded #1 and #2 clean, absolutely perfect full grain or needing only a few small fills were made into Viscount smooth.  Grade #3, needing fills were made into Rustic Viscount.  Less than 50% grain were Color Viscount.

Many Viscounts are shape stamped.  Shape numbers were (during my time (1966..1991)) used only on "high grade". Eldorado, Commodore, Viscount, Starfire, Golden Duke.
With some exceptions, shape stamping was ended on everything in the early 80's….ted

Viscounts are Ajustomatic, either flush mount with no aluminum showing or banded and have the white spade.

From TED....Even though I can't remember copying a KYM shape I know it happened. There were always a few new KYM pipes around the factory. Whenever the salesmen saw something new or unusual from KYM, they would buy it and send it to the factory.  One example I know of is the Grabow White Viscount. KYM had a "white briar" for quite a while before Grabow started making one. We found a paint formula and started making our version of the white briar in Viscount. The Olympic pipe is an example.   Ours evolved into the colors (red blue green etc.) for the Color Viscount, Color Duke and Color Viking. At this point, I believe KYM started copying Grabow with colors of their own, but by then they were no longer #1 and Grabow was. …ted

I'll go first:


Viscount smooth 85
Viscount wirecarved 85,39 and 25

I have also added a Viscount smooth 25 to my collection

The smooth 85 has some very nice grain and shape stamped.


Here's some of the Viscounts I've had along the way. Most have been passed on to others ...


my 25

A DANDY 25 by way of Joe, who got it from Ed.  She's a keeper for sure.



Only have 3.


Great Viscounts
Especially like Troy's 85, outstanding grain
Dave G

Thanks for posting. I love reading these history threads about various makes.

Great looking pipes fellas.
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