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Lets see your Grabow Cobs

The only notes I have on Grabow cobs are from this forum by TED.

Grabow cobs were made by Missouri Meerschaum for Dr. Grabow. They were marketed with the Grabow sticker.

MM (Misouri Meerschaum) got 'pist' that we were doing so good selling them (cobs)  that they "cut us off". Thought we had created a bigger market for them, so Grabow.. no more.. We had to quit in about 1988/89. We tried to buy MM. I made a trip to Washington, MO with 3 million dollars in my "pocket'. No sale..

I even tried growing a corn crop from seeds that I got from the University of Missouri at a NC "test farm'. Corn did great. Little tiny kernels and great big cobs. Cow would starve on it.... Hogs would prosper.. We made a few cobs, but unfortunately, I left Grabow before it went any further....  td

Lets see your Grabow cobs:

Someone go first:

Darn it...I had an unsmoked DG cob close to 2 years ago...but I "let it get away" from me.  Sad  Would love to have 1 example in the collection.

Past on one a while back in an antique store and thought to myself , I better go get that hadn't seen a lot of Grabow cobs and when I went back it was gone . Darn it !

Not really a DG cob but a cob I salvaged using an old Savoy yellow-spade stem with a broken tenon. It's all glued together in one piece but passes the pipe cleaner test easily and smokes well ... I guess you could call it a a counterfeit Grabow cob!
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