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Lets see your Grabow Savoys

Here are notes on the Savoy from various forum members posts.

DG advertised the SAVOY for $2 in 1956.

A small booklet from 1961 states:  "Dr. Grabow SAVOY $2.00 -- Golden walnut highly polished briar, thin aluminum washer, fine mouthpiece all add up to super value plus."

Savoy ajustomatic white spade

Savoy push stem not filter yellow spade

Savoy 1955 Plymouth Savoy, produced from the 1954 through 1964

Savoy Lite advertised at
Full Bent shape
Blonde stain
Single pass wire carved
Sharply tapered end of shank to get acceptable stem fit
No spade

Lets see your Savoys:

I'll go first
76 Slim Bulldog

I have one 83 yellow spade push stem no filter,my poor picture makes the spade look white but it's yellow. G'Day


70 - Broken tenon repair




Here's a couple Savoys I have had. They have been passed on down the line over time:


Fine lookers, all of them.



My bent rusticated Savoy with Freehand stem.
ozark southpaw

These two are all I could find. I'm sure there are others around here somewhere!

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