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Lets see your Westbrooks

Lets see your Westbrooks

Here are my notes on the Westbrook line mostly from TED.  If you have additional information or if I have any wrong info. please post for us to see.

Westbrook was one of several pipes (Berwyck, Belvedere, Emperor, and Sculptura) that were made by Grabow and distributed by R. J. Reynolds as coupon pipes.

A coupon was placed into bags of Carter Hall and George Washington tobacco that was redeemable for these Grabow pipes. Westbrook was about 5 coupons and $3.00 for part of its life. This offer started in the mid-50's and ended in the late 80's. It was the longest running redemption offer in history.

The pipe....Westbrook, was probably the finest pipe (long term) made by Grabow.  It used the 2 top grades of wood for the smooth (A and E) and even the rustic used better quality briar than anything comparable.  ( Later post by TED revealed that Westbrook rustic used inferior briar compared to rustic Visvount).  It was available in EVERY SHAPE made by Grabow, and went through EVERY manufacturing step. It was said that there were 127 steps in making a Grabow (that number will vary ), but Westbrook went through all of them.  Early Westbrook  included shape #78 and not shape #86.  Later after Belvedere line was dropped Westbrook included shape #86.  All Westbrooks were made with an orange spade.

Several of the "regular" Grabow lines evolved from Westbrook.  Starfire, Viscount, Eldorado, and Commodore. Starfire is the most comparable in shapes, finishes, and quality.

No Westbrooks were banded and none were flush mount.  All were ajusto.

Do note that your Westbrook rustics that are pictured are actually carved twice. The deeper carving was done on a modified drill press while the finer lines were carved "by hand" using a wire cup brush.

I'll go first:

1963 Order form

1969 Order form

Here's some Westbrooks that have passed through my smoking collection over the years:


I've got a few..


The 86's and 78 are looking good Tom.

Here are some Westys.  Dave G added the nicely tapered rim on the 36. Smile

In case you've never seen the comparison...look at the 2 81's...the darker more slender one is the earlier version.  Even the cant of the bowl is slightly different, so I wonder if they completely changed out the metal form at one point.  If you're thinking "that's not an 81"...I have an identically shaped old Starfire which is shape stamped as well.
Thelonious Monkfish

This is probably most of the ones I've accumulated that haven't been cleaned, all dirty to balance out Joe's shiny picture.

Nice family, Alex!

Nice looking Westbrooks guys.  Joe, thanks for sharing the 81's.  They are definitely different from one another.
Thelonious Monkfish

Top two are clean and available, 39 is mine. Sitting on two double carved 40's along with other duplicates right now.


Very nice Westies everyone!
Dave G

I love reading these history threads. Thanks for posting.

Awesome pipes. @joe, a few of those look a might fimiliar.

Dave G wrote:
@joe, a few of those look a might fimiliar.

Indeed...the 36 and 40 came from your farm.   Cool




Pics aint too good but they all grouped in sets







Forgot my Sportsman


Nice Westy fam, Troy.

Fantastic pictures and collections guys.

That 76 inspires some terrible jealousy...  Although the 69Y looks swell, too...  and the sportsman!


Thank heavens you guys aren't all that close.  I might be breaking and entering!
Dave G


beautiful pipes....they remind me that someday I need to quit being so lazy and impatient and up my restoration/refinishing game...


This bulldog 86 just arrived a few days here it is with the Sportsmen.


Those look absolutely awesome!
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