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Linkman-Dr Grabow

Ok...this is why I joined this wondrous group. I recently purchased a rather nice Linkman. Nomenclature is as follows:

Linkman's Dr Grabow Select Grain 8413 Imported Bruyere Pre Smoked
Reg US Pat Off & Pat. No. 1896800 w/ SHANK LOGO

I know various person's here can fill me in on the details.....thanks in advance.


Nice one

Most info about it on RJ's History:

Your pipe stinger is type VI, ~1945 - 1950.  See section on stingers.

Your spade is on top of the stem and  points at the smoker, ~1944 or later.

84 = Select Grain and has embossed spade on shank.

13 = shape from Grabow late 1940's shape chart:  

Thanks for the detailed info Spadefan, much appreciated. The inside rim of the bowl is a bit rough, but that can be easily fixed. Overall.....solid.
ozark southpaw

Nice score! Good looking Select Grain.

I won't say what I paid for it.....but I was the only person on Ebay who even bothered to tender a bid!!!...I about fell over backwards. Sometimes I have to wonder what those people are looking for. I've seen $300 or $400 bid on 50 year old Dunhill's (nothing wrong with Dunhill, mind you) and totally ignore a great pipe from the classic era of American pipe-making. Their gain.

PS....I'm quite sure the Linkman is worth more then I paid for it.

ozark southpaw wrote:
Nice score! Good looking Select Grain.

Thanks Southpaw

PS....the only reason I don't want to say what I paid for this classic, is I might sell it. Then again, I may not. As it's made in Chicago, and I live in Wilmette, which is a suburb north of Chicago, I might just keep it. Besides, I've never owned a Linkman.

You will like the old Linkman , they are the best smoking non- removable stinger pipes ever made .

Thanks Troy

Good looking pipe, hawk, and it looks to be in pretty solid condition too. Well done!

Great score, and they are wonderful smokers...
Thelonious Monkfish

Those Linkman's smoke great, that's a nice one.

I have the exact same pipe with a saddle bit, great smoker you will love it.

Nice find, enjoy it!


Yes siree, a fine pipe there!  Congratulations!

Thanks Piff

Thanks Everyone

...and here's some photo's.....and she does smoke great.


...and thanks everyone for your replies.

That's a very sweet looker.

Oldredbeard wrote:
That's a very sweet looker.

Thanks Red, and as Troy and others have said, it's a great smoker as well. Great pipe from the classic era of American pipe making.
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