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ozark southpaw

Making a Kirsten Gen. 1 Bowl.

Although the bowl on my Funky Cavalier was made in a similar manner the Kirsten required a few more steps to make. Mainly in the drilling and cutting the bottom of the bowl to fit the shank.

The first thing I did was turn a piece of Oak firewood into a round dowel about 1 " in diameter. After facing the dowel I cut a short 3/8" diameter tenon on it. I then drilled a shallow 3/8" hole in the bottom of the Morta block. By doing this I could make sure the block was pretty much centered on the dowel and wouldn't move when I epoxied the two together, used JB Wood Weld to do that. First pic is of the two pieces before glue up. After applying the epoxy I used a chuck in my tailstock to put pressure on the block and hold it in place, shown in the second pic.

I let it sit overnight before roughing in the bowl. Did that using a cutter in the quick change tool post. Once it was round I started the drilling by drilling a 1/4" hole through the length of the block, then drilled the chamber with a 3/4" spade bit and then finally drilling the bottom of the chamber with a 3/8" forstner bit to make a flat bottomed hole for the aluminum screw to sit in. Found out later that I didn't go quite deep enough with that and had to go back and drill it a bit deeper.

After drilling I put a live chuck in the tailstock with a piece of aluminum in it that I had previously made to fit 3/4" chambers and shoved it into the chamber. Probably didn't need to do that but I felt more secure doing it. Also changed tool holder so that I could mount the tool rest I use for hand tools. It gets real close to the chuck

This is where it get kinda scary for me ! I haven't done a lot of turning with hand tools but after an hour or so I had it looking like this-

Also did most of the sanding while it was still in the lathe.  Once through with the shaping and sanding I cut it loose from the dowel and chucked the bowl up in the head stock chuck so I could work on the bottom. This was scary also because if I screwed up here the bowl would be junk. I kept the Kirsten shank handy and checked it the fit often and finally got it so it would sit right.

C.E. Purdy

Thanks Ed!

I've been rolling it around in my head how to do this.  But you know as well as I, with lathe work if you get the order of steps wrong you can end up with a big pile of  Shocked Seeing your steps in sequence, helps a lot.  

Oh....very nice bowl by the way!  That gold morta is cats meow!

very nice bowl - too pretty to smoke

Nice work Ed, as always!!!!!
ozark southpaw

Thanks gents! I enjoyed making this bowl. It was a learning experience for me. Every time I do something like this I get a better feel for those hand tools and what can be done with them. Gotta get a wood lathe one of these days as that little metal lathe is just to "crowded",although it is indispensable for other work.

Looks grand as us always Ed!
ozark southpaw

Thanks Jim !!

Beautiful bowl!  Dr. Kirsten would be proud.
ozark southpaw

Thanks Mike !
Thelonious Monkfish

That's some feat there, more patience and tools than me.

Nice work, Ed. Thanks for providing the steps and photos. Are you keeping or selling?
ozark southpaw

Piffyr wrote:
Nice work, Ed. Thanks for providing the steps and photos. Are you keeping or selling?

That one was gifted to Dave W. See this thread-
ozark southpaw

Thelonious Monkfish wrote:
That's some feat there, more patience and tools than me.

Well, if a feller has lots of patience one of these could be made with fewer tools--but I darn sure wouldn't want to !  Laughing
Thanks Monk!
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