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Meer lined Grabow

'Twas the day before Christmas
And I was out in the shop.
Just spiffin this pipe
And drinkin a pop (aka Beer)

I scored this off eBay for a Jackson last week. I had been keeping an eye out for a meer lined pipe and I really liked the shape of this one. It arrived in super nice shape. A little cleanin, a little buffin and some coats of wax. All done in no time at all. I employed the Walker Briar Works stem cleaner/sealer and finished with their wax. I did it all by hand and no power buffing. The meer has some slight discoloration and some hair line cracking. I knew I was taking a chance when I bid on it and figured if the meer was junk, I would carve it out of the bowl and go nekkid. Seeing as how these are minor cracks, I'm gonna smoke it til it drops. The interesting part about this pipe is that when I got it it had a lot of wood dust/shavings still in the mortise. So someone either drilled it out after and did a partial refurb on it before I got it. The stem was very clean with absolutely no stem chatter. It just seems to be unsmoked except for the discoloration in the chamber. A real ponderous mystery but, I'm gonna fire it up anyway. Merry Christmas to me.


Very nice I like it a lot. G'Day Sir
C.E. Purdy

That's a cool shape Wayne, and nice spiffin'! Enjoy!

I saw that one, and hoped someone here got it. It's a really nice looking pipe, and you did a fine cleaning on it. I have a couple of meer lined Grabows, they are both rusticated like you see on a lot Italian pipes. They also smoke very well. Congrats sir.

Thanks fellas. I forgot to mention that I shopped the pipe, bought the pipe, received the pipe and was cleaning on the stem before I noticed a glaring absence. No spade on the stem. A little research and I found out it must be pre-89. The shank says imported briar and the underside of stem say Italy. Dang it all to heck. I learned something new again today.
Thelonious Monkfish

Nice, I was watching that one but it got beyond me as I has bid on some others. Good stuff, glad you got one you were wanting, lost a Viscount 41 but finally got me an 84L on the way, it needs work of course.
ozark southpaw

Nice score Wayne !

That's a dandy...  Merry Christmas to you, is right!

Nicely done there indeed!

Wayne, you can smear-fill any little cracks with plaster-of-paris, and you'll never replace that meer lining.  A member here (Steve Laug) uses pop in meer-lined pipes...and I believe he said he's got one which has lasted 10 years.  Smile

Tom has shared the history on these before; your pipe was made by Gigi Pipe in Varese, Italy and imported by Mastercraft.  You can tell those which were imported vs those made by Grabow - imported are not Sparta shapes, stamping includes 'Italy', and some have the outline of a spade on the stem (not all have this).  Sparta made have the white spade t/m on the stem, and are sparta shapes.  

I love that shape you landed...very nice condition!!

Thanks gentlemen. Joe, that's pretty much the info I found on the meer lined Grabows. Thanks. I had been doing a little research on meer linings and repair and had stumbled on some posts by Steve and his technique. I'll keep it in mind for the near future.

Nice score, Wayne, and a great spiffing job!
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