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My #25 & #39

Hello, I'll post the linkto my pics here  from the Introduction thread. I'm really love the smooth #39's. There is something about the lines on that one that has captured my imagination. It has an art Deco feel to it. Also it reminds me of some of the old hood ordainments from that time.  

My Viscount Continental shape #25, and a Starfire "Tomahawk" Ajustomatic #39.   LINK:
ozark southpaw

Nice pair of Continentals !

Very nice start to your Grabow collecting , the 25's are not that easy to find.

Very nice!

You've got one of the "shorter" 39's that I've seen.  The height and angle of the curved rim all depended on the guy doing the sanding at the time (per Tom...when we've asked before). Continental 39 is one of the shapes which does not seem to have a lot of consistency, since they were cut rather tall, and were then sanded down by hand and eye. They used the frazing machine to cut the initial bowl shape, but the curved rim was a follow-up process done on a sanding cylinder, by hand.  Same for some of the other continental shapes with curved rims.

Good looking pipes!!! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for all the likes and added info on the 39!
Thelonious Monkfish

That's a great start with the 25 and 39. Nice ones.
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