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My first Emperor!

Cheap price on the auction site, blurry pictures...  Took a chance anyway.

Tiny bit of cleanup, and she looks pretty good.  Cleaned the char off of the rim, and colored some fills on the shank...  The blurry pics showed some fills even without any detail, maybe it scared everyone off.

She cleaned up nice and its a nice sized one, too!  I'm never sure of the shape nos. and this one didn't have a shape stamp.

She's got some dandy grain in person...


Hmmm, flash showed some oxidation.  Probably need to work on that.  I was just tickled to show her off...

You're right, she certainly has some beautiful grain. congrats sir. I almost always have just a little oxidation on the stem when I first take pics, not a big deal at all.

Congratulations!   Some fine looking flame grain on that one.
Dave G

That's a stunner. Congrats.

Very nice Deano.  A top shelf Grabow!
ozark southpaw

Nice ! Looks like a 70.

Congrats, Dean! That's a good looking pipe. Love the grain.
C.E. Purdy

Nice one Dean! Congrats!

Congrats. Nice score.

Nice looking.

That my friend is one fine chunl O Briar

Indeed a nice find.
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