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My latest acquistions -

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G'day folks.

Hopefully I have finally worked out how to send photos from my small Samsung tablet.

I received this lot in October and have only had a real chance to go through them today. These are my purchases from july/august.

It includes 2 Marvic pipes from Gary. One bought as is "denis" and one made for me "a gary". Both magnificent pipes. I will send separate pictures if this works.

The red filto from Ed plus a tamper gift.

AKirsten 2 from Dave. Now have a 1,2 and3.

My share of the box tobacco and 2 extra pipes from JoeMan.

Also some purchases from Joeman plus a savoy Gift.

The rest are eBay I think. I am not good with admin.stuff so usually find that my purchases are withdrawn from my eBay buy page before I get them.

Included are a couple of continental which make my collection of these complete. Previously troy donated me a 22.

Thanks to you all for your pipes and generosity.

If I have missed anyone my apologies in advance.


Denis  ( a very happy man)😀😀😀
C.E. Purdy

That's quite a haul! Congrats Denis.

Very nice Dennis, and now that the picture worked, I want to see some better ones.  Laughing  Wink

Congrats sir that's a fine haul.

Good collection
ozark southpaw

31 pipes in two months? You were busy !!  Tobacco too !!

Ah yes, an excellent assortment!

Very nice acquisitions my friend, I know you are proud indeed!


Impressive shopping indeed. Congrats on an awesome haul.

Wonderful stuff.  Congrats!

Very nice indeed.

Very impressive, enjoy!
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