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new Freehand 03

Sean, Joe and I went junktiquing on Friday and I picked up an unsmoked freehand for less than a tenner.  Seemed a steal to me!  I've got a couple of the Mastersen/Israel freehands, but this is the first "true" grabow.


Amazing that lovely freehand was the same price as burned out, broken down Medicos and Yello Boles.  Glad you grabbed that.

Very sweeet deal, congrats on a nice find.
ozark southpaw

Great deal ! Can't beat that with a stick !
Thelonious Monkfish

Good score.

Very Nice Find Sir, Enjoy, G'Day

Nice find ! Congrats

Definately and "eat the bear" deal there, well done!

Well done!! God wanted you to have it. Because if I had gotten there first... He would have wanted me to have it. Wink

He does work in mysterious ways, you know...

Love it. Of course I'm kind of partial on the freehands.
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