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NOS Royalton Tru-Line

I thought i would post some pictures of the early Royalton Tru-Line i picked up on Etsy  on the forum for future reference. Not often we see a NOS Royalton from this era. I'm guessing this is the first HLT/Linkman/Grabow line with the adjusto stem?

The pipe has some really nice grain and could not find any fill's on it. I'ts a small billiard ,5 inches long by 1 1/2 inches high. It also has about the smoothest adjusto i have ever used. Even compared to other NOS adjustos i have picked up.

It has a removable cleaner. It has a really excellent draw even with it installed. The cleaner is a larger dia. than a regular Dr. Grabow spoon bit.

Has Patent Pending Adjusto stamping

For size comparison here it is next to my Emperor 36

A picture of the board it came off of.

I am going to  add a carbon coating to it and start breaking it in with some 5 Brothers very soon.

Very pretty pipe, love the grain, Enjoy, I bought that NOS Royalton Filterwell Ajustomatic, but I will never smoke it as I am sure I will end up trading it off to someone sooner or later. G'Day

Excellent, Thanks for sharing.
ozark southpaw

Very nice Royalton Troy! Probably the nicest of that vintage I have seen !


A beautiful example. I don't see how it could get much better.

Thanks Fellas Smile

Again the Man Knocks one over the center field wall. Out Standing!

Man, what a pretty little pipe brother. Congrats!
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