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The Cigar Bar
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Cincinnati area Cigar shop - Bells House of Tobacco
Great cigar buys
cigar advice
Middleton's Cherry
Candy cigarettes
ugly Coyote cigars
Middleton's Black & Mild
Captain Black Cigars big disappointment
Wineador project...
This Cigar Kicked My A**
New favorite..
Good online source for cigars
New favorite afternoon cigar...
Most pipe-like cigar...
Big AZZ cigar Worlds Biggest
Smoked my first real cigar a Cruz Real from San Andreas
My venture into cigars
Funny thing happened
Has anyone tried these
Free Captain Black Cigar
The "Cancer Stick" in Black and Milds...
What is a good 10-12 cigar to recomend to a young frat boy..
pipe tobacco cigar
Cigar Legislation and Legal Stuff
Last Cigar Smoked . . .
Humidity control
Cigars, Name your Favorite
Backwoods vs. Outlaws
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