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Commodore billiard
Belvedere 85
Linkman Delux 9733a
Love those blasted Grabows - Lets see your Grabow sandblasts
Dr Grabow Supremes
2 Dave Whitney's
Free Hand's.
Hillcrest lot
Starfire 72
Lets see your Linkman's Churchwardens
Back room pipes
Lets see your Grabows - Canadians
Bucko 133
Lets see those beautiful Free Hand Grabows
Todays junk store find.
New (to me) BARD and Viscount 81
Show us your Emperor's
Lets see your Grabows -- Pears
New royalton from WV smoke shop
My Grabow collection to date,pic heavy and no gravy ladles:)
Lets see your Grabows - Quarter Bents
Dr. Grabow Sold As NOS/Unsmoked
Eldorado 81
enjoy this
My 23 and 69Y after a bit of "touching up"
Wooden cleaner Linkman
A DG Gift Arrived Yesterdsay
Linkman's DeLuxe 9733
Linkman's Grabow Supreme Author #9433
A couple of willards
NOS 'custom' Hillcrest 118 & 119
new westbrook, not sure the shape no?
Viscount Continental
New Hillcrest
Royal Bulldog
Getting close to a set of Continentals
Westbrook 69 wirecarved
Tru Grain dublin
Smoking metal Grabows
Viscount 69 S
Wire carved Starfire 25
A couple new 81s to clean up
Commodore 69
Berwyck 81
Dr. Grabow Tour Haul
Ajustomatic Anomaly
HLT Royalton
gift of a HLT Royalton
Cleaned up my #81
Cleaned up a pair of #10s
Sculptura Rhodesian
Unique's only
Eldorado 65
Dr Grabow Starfire shape 22
A Real Dr. Grabow BARD
'Nuther Coupon Grabow -- Berwyck
Push stem 9706
Viking blue bowl, new to me!
Page Wagoner pipe
New 83
Grabow 12 piece wall display
Smess's Collection, just getting started
a strange choice for me..........
WayneDs far
starfire 36Y
Westy 81 and 83
new linkman grabow 9715
My Sculptra Trio of favorite shapes
My Yellow Spade Pair
RetroPhotoFX Beginning's
81 Update
Eldorado 49-you lot are enablers
My newest Grabows
Eldorado 81
Berwyck family
Berwyck smooth bent...arrived
NOS Commodore 85
Gary Gave Me Twins
Troy and the Mail Man
Grabow Special
Color 81 and a 65 Silver Duke (thanks, Sean)
Sulptura 81
PAD at the tobacco shop!
Emperor 36
New To Me Viking
The Mysterious Adventurer Adjustomatic
World War II Dr Grabow Mountain Laurel Supreme 9450
Care Package From JoeMan
A Holy Grail Realized
OK, looks like I've got 2 red 81s incoming
My first Viking
Linkman 9732 Canadian , Thanks to T.Pollock and Ed
Still more Christmas gifts
Yet another Christmas gift
Latest additions to the family
Belvedere 85 Smooth
Golden Duke family
Great swap..
newest ebay acquisition
Linkman Deluxe 9721 ...uncharted shape/model
Dr Grabow De Luxe 9764
Dr Grabow Deluxe and Supreme
Emperor Quartet
New ebay Score.
Westbrook Ajustomatic
Another Starfire 69 but non ABS stem
..i am so weak for KWs..!
My two latest.
Starfire 69 Wire carved
my first Willard......and..
Eldorado 84L sandblast
my second Omega
A nice little haul!!
Got me a Linkmans Courtleigh
Regal 11 Apple
2 Dukes and a KW
Cased Dr. Grabow Meerschaum.
Brand, spanking new Omega
Starfire 39
Westbrook 85 Smooth
Starfire 85 Smooth
Royalton 47
These just in!
A few from my collection
Dr Grabow Unique 112 all finshed up
Surprise from Joeman !
Commodore 83s
Westbrook NOS 36
Westbrook Ebay Lot
Some of My Dr. Grabow Favorites
an Omega............
Grabow FrankenLane
Blonde Eldorado
John McP - 5 cased Viscounts
Viscount 24 (?)
Starfire 25 and Unmarked 85
Ebay Poker NOT a Kaywoodie
Joes Westy & Starfire...
Sandblasted Lane Era Grabow possibly
Regular and 'mini' 42
Elliott's Grabow collection lots of pics
My happy family - so far.
My Grabow collection + one M. Linkman & Co pipe.
Viscount #85 Smooth
Golden Duke 84
Sculptura # 69
My smallest Grabow
Finished stem
Westy from Joe
Traded for this Dr. Grabow Today (Pictures Fixed)
Latest Additions
Westy smooth sportsman
Linkman Dr. Grabow 9712
Emperor 24, Starfire 40 , Belvedere Biliard saddle
My First Westbrook !!
El Dorado 40
Picked up this Regal today
Poor abused Emperor 85
CVS score
Acrylic Stemmed Ajusto Golden Duke.
Scored this little fella today. the charts...
9764 DE LUXE
Commodore 40 and Starfire 25
Mine, all mine.
Belvedere 85 and all my 85s pics
2 Westbrook 85s , both smooth
Just a Lark
My Riviera Apple
My Riviera!
New to me Viking
Partically Rusticated Savoy
Westbrook TR36 and Viscount 85
Viscount # 25 Wire Carved
Westy 93s and 21
Westbrook Billiard 72
got 2 Westbrooks today
Grand Duke 84!
My Grabows collection far
My new Viscount 82 wire carved!
Linkmans Grabow Deluxe 9770
Smooth Westbrook 84L
Help dating these please
The Hillcrest family grows
Eagle Carved 47
Sandblast Savoy
Another Pair
New family members
True Grain Zulu
Just what I needed!! 29 more pipes!!
Just wanted to show off...
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