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My Dr. Grabow pipes!
Gotta love them Coloreds...
Finally got one
Small size TR #271
My first Grabow Standard
Picked up a Tru-Grain
New Starfire
My Belvedere arrived today!
My modest yet growing DGB Family
MY Two Dr. Grabows
Sandblast collection
Grabow Supreme
Grabow Free Hand #08
Grabow Saddle Author
Pretty little Grand Duke!
Berwyck Dublin
My Dr. Grabows
Finally getting a Savoy
Unused Westbrook On the Way!
Berwycks Update
Grabow cigar holder
Unmarked Starfire?
2 new-to-me Grabows
Commodore "Oom Paul" Tom, tell me about this pipe!
Unique-Paneled Dublin?
finally got a #25
Linkman's with two aluminum dots on shank
Dr Grabow Hillcrest 114 restoration
My Grabow family is growing!
Santa dropped by last night!
Joe Claus stuck again!
A new Grabow for Fr_Tom
Hollycourt Holiday Cheer
What did you do Joe!?!?!
Christmas came early!
My modest collection
A great-grand duke
eldorado 45
Red Propeller
Smooth Continentals
Grabow Turkish Meer.
Small unconventional shaped pipes
My new DG Lark
Viscount 81
Westy 36
Grand Duke 84
Quarter Bent Oval Shank, Bent Dublin, Yacht, Horn shapes
Grand Duke
My Viking Jr.'s
Grabows/Cousins that are not 81s or 83s
Working on a full house!
81s and 83s
The Big Beautiful Blonde
My Bents
Shape 17
My new Royal Duke in Blue
Set of Bulldogs
My Favorite Dr. G. (and others)
Help Identify
New Ajustomatics and Patriots
My First Dr Grabow Viscount Continental
Dr Grabow Viscount Bulldog
Two more from E-Bay
Linkman's DG Deluxe Apple
Pipes from Joeman CDL, 20, 42 and 25 Wow
Starfire 81
My favorite Rusticated pipe
starfire 19.
My new leaf Omega came today!
Alpha Sabre
Royal Duke Blue Spad
Maybe half way through the Grand Duke
Belvedere Apple
bent pparade with a straight
Added an Omega
Westy #66
Viscounts 24 and 61
My first TR
ebay 25
Starfire Poker 25 before and After and 85 after wax
Grabow Fire 38 1/2
MLC Sinbad
New Mini 114
My New DGs
Meer Lined Linkmans 4408 DG Special.
And One More Linkman's DG De Luxe
Another Linkman's DG De Luxe
My New Viking
Linkman's DG Deluxe
Another nice pair
My pipe collection
My first Doctor Grabow (BERWYCK)
Displaying my colors
Westie Prince
my newest pipes.
"Little" Duke
Freehand 08--With a Twist.
Linkman's Dr Grabow Select Grain 8433A
Inherited my Great Grandfather's Grabow
Linkman DG Deluxe 9789
Dr. Grabow Medium Apple
My daughter's pipes...
Junktique/estate sale finds for last weekend pt2
My first Omega
Silver Duke Continental #40
A Few Of J.E.'s Dr. Grabows
Rare Dr Grabow Ebay Win!
New Additions Part 1
Dad's pipes
Best pipe designs ever - Dr.Grabow Continentals
Belevedere author
new to me linkman
3 Grabow ppipes
Burned out Smokemaster ?
Display set up
Dr. Grabow De Luxe 9765
New display
Revo's pipes
Little Deluxe
82s and 83s
Orange stemmed oddity
Color Duke Redux!
Strafire 24
Three of My Older Linkman/Grabows
My first shape # stamped
82 Golden Duke
Couple of my latest.
Updated photos of my collection
A Few of my Linkman's and a couple of other Dr. Grabows
Once upon a time.... this pipe was unsmoked
Pipe rack move day...
Eldorado 82 unsmoked...
My First Unique
Guess what I found hiding in my Smokers Pride...
Linkman's Hollycourt 7415
New Old Pipes
Banded viscount 83
This Just In
PAD Confessions
eldorado 83
2 supremes a ringmaster and a meer lined
2 new displays
Bulldog Mike's Bulldogs and others - UPDATED
PAD Hit Me Again... Half a Starfire...
just won tyhis westbook
Pickax Starfire and Westbrook
Just won 2 olympic grabows
Belvedere #85 Poker
My First Sniped Pipe "Zulu"
new grabows fro me
Eldorado 12
First pacer for the display
Pair of Eldorados
New at this. Viscount 21.
Eldorado 11
A couple more Grabows for the Bosun's Locker
Got my first VanRoy today
My first Silver Duke and Amphora
My first but not last wire carved
ugly pipe club
Starfire family growing...
First Refurb
Snagged what may be a rare Grabow
Royal Duke 81
Eldorado 45
My Eldorado's
Bent Smooth 1812
Freedom 1812
zila's DGs!!!
Adding another 81
A pair of beauties from Pete B ...
eBay was good to me this week
Update to my collection
Westbrook smooth 81 - be forewarned!
Just received my second Dr. G
Pipeman's Grabows
Golden Duke 81
New to Me Viscount 45
another 81 for charlie
Berwyck 85
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