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Rare Shank Logo KB&B Yello-Bole Sandblast Imperial#3751
WDC Wellington
WDC Demuth "Aristocrat"
Garrick, Oom Paul
KBB Yello-Bole Imperial, Cured With Real Honey, Lovat
Early Frank Medico Patent Canadian & Date Info
Marxman Super Briar Author, LHS Prefered Oom Paul,& KBB
Another old Briarcraft in the Stable
KBB Yello-Bole Author
Dad's Riesco' pipe and Fin knife
Alpha Customcraft
Metal cob
Lets see your Custombilts
A Purdy Good Blast
Found a little "the pipe rack" pipe yesterday
MM Cobbit Wizard
My First Clay
A Recent find
Stanwell Bench Made
Little Kirsten
willard calabash ????????????????????
Yello-bole pugs
New Estate Pipes
Junktique fink
Today's finds-Jobey and Stanwell
Show Me Your Wallys!
New Find
Lets see your Not Linkman's Not Grabow Patriotic pipes
Church Warden Briar
Jansen sitter, another find today...
cheapo find... stem a bit crusty, BUT...
"Got this in a lot...."
Grandfathers Kaywoodie Tomahawk
LHS Preferred
Sterncrest Sterling Billiard 1944 NEW IN BOX
Lets see your Calabashes
Kaywoodie Relief Grain # 11 Lg. Billiard
GBD Rockroot
LHS Sterncrest
Some of the Cuttys
Snagged this Kaywoodie at the gun show
Unicorns exist. A holy grail pipe?
alpha rex
Just a few new-to-me...
BC small Oom Paul rustic
Fathers day gift
Meerschaum I Sent to Norwoods
the barrell
Weber: The Scoop
Another Custombilt
Mulberry Church Warden
Kaywoodie figurals the whole far
New Kaywoodie figural
Buescher's Hickory Pipe
Unsmoked Atlast Powder Company Billiard
Mint WDC Milano Rustic Briar F69
Citation Author
"SABLE SERIES 1" Israeli Pipe
Yello-Bole "Bamboo"
Alpha Symphony
Bewlay BriarCut Canadian
Another Alpha Rex
WDC from Sean
Interesting 1920’s-Early 1930’s Unmarked Star Logo Pipe
KB&B Yello Bole Lot, four pipes lots of pics.
Duncal Hill Aerosphere
Alpha Kappa
Captain Black Pipe
Couple of Volcanoes
Half Breed
Old Magic Inch re stemmed
KEYER Tobacco Shop Cincinnati pipe sign
Dr. Cole Health Filter Canadian.
Andersen Volcano
Anderson Free Hand Burl Briar Israel
ALpha Israel Author Pipe
Alpha jura & BR Israel
Re Stemmed Mastersen Freehand
A Unique 1940’s KB&B Yello-Bole Propeller Apple
Cant Afford a Hackert
a perfect Marvic
Cup Of Joe's Savinelli Rusticated 804 KS Canadian
Jobey Asti 27
GBD Bowls From Ebay
Savinelli Trevi 311 KS
Mint in Box Briarcraft Sterling Hall
NOS KB&B Yello Bole Imperial Billiard, Tobacco Pouch
The Claw
a Santini
KB&B Yello -Bole Imperial Sandblast Canadian
GBD Display Case (pics)
WDC Wellington with windcap
Andersen Freehand Burl Briar Israel
Falcon Shillelagh
VWC ??
Alpha Burl Briar Israel
The LHS Collection
My 3 Savinelli Pipes
LHS Oom Paul
Vuillard Doctor’s Special 5910 Saint-Claude
Why Do I keep Diong this? New Peterson
Show your Favorite Non Grabow Pipe
another Citation
Marxman Jumbo
Maybe a meer
Mastercraft metal pipes
Unsmoked LHS Bulldog
LHS Certified Purex 24
BC Calabash
My Fifth Klanitz
Turkish Meer
NOS LHS Preferred
Custombilt Ebay Find
KB & B
His Nibs
The 12 Days of Sterncrest (pic HEAVY)
Late 19th Century William Birnbaum Cased Meerschaum
The Lovat I made for my dad for Christmas
savinelli nonpareil
LHS Latest Additions
Made in Denmark Navigator by Kriswell
Junks store Armellini
Junk store Caminetto
WayneD Stamp Tamper.
Ropp Nosewarmer
Meerschaum with bamboo shank-looks like CDL
Mastersen burl briar Israel
My new Ed James pipe
Sometimes you do something...
Medico Crest Artisan Select Briar
Old Medico
Bent Falcon in blue
I got the boot.....too!
maxwill hand Made De Luxe Israel / Shalom/ Alpha??????????
Stump-sized free hands ...
A Courtland and Yello-Bole
My marvic -The Gary
With A Little Help From My Friends
Ed's Handmade-Bing shape
Pre-1955 Yello-Bole Imperial
Burl King
Marvic Devil's Lovat
Medico Jet Stream
Little help, Parisian Art Cutty Pot?
Tinderbox Unique Trio
the amazing Carl
My Mark Tinsky Pipes
Cased MLC
Missouri Meerschaum Cobbit “Shire”
Another MC and two BC
Tripped over an England-made Falcon today
D&P Woodsman
Mastercraft Canadian
Latest Commission
New Yello-Bole
Shepherd Bros. Pipes - Some of my work
I got the Boot!
The Tetrad
The ladies leg....
Another Purdy Classic Sandblast
The Marvic Marvelous Meteor
Not exactly new to me...but...
"New To Me" Willard Bent Billiard
"The Legend "
Citation day
The Bride says I need to downsize
The "Grand Master s "pipe
The 'armor"pipe IV
Morta Chimney stack Poker
The Creeper
UPDATED: Regent? Indeed! (Collection Update)
Made a Case for Grandfathers Pipe
Gold Morta Canadian.
My first Marvic
A fish called Wuanda ..
Made a Canadian
The "Red Knight"
Freehand Rhodesian
HLT Lord Waverly
I Tried A Freehand
An Old Kirsten.
I made another pipe.
Plain Jane Yello Bole 07 billiard with a unique surprise .
Heritage Heirloom 02 Poker
NOS WDC Durobit Poker
A trio of Marvics
I Carved A Pipe. OUT OF BRIAR!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Ted
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