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Dr. Grabow/Linkman Pipes
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my collection so far
Help me identify old Dr. Grabows (allegedly from the '60s)
Help Identifying my Westbrook pipe
Linkman Hollycourt Special
Info in restoring Color Duke paint?
What does ITALY Imported Briar mean ??
Lets see your Grabow Ads / Posters / Articles
Re-staining a Dr Grabow Westbrook
Royalton , Van Roy adjusto
LL Bean Freehand's
Replacement Linkman's stems?
Golden Duke 120?
The Three-Fifty Pipe
Unusual Figural Omega available on Etsy
Re: 'Archives' sticky-- Grabow & Kaywoodie similarity
Savoy: Stem/Tenon question
What makes Dr. Grabow pipes special?
Grabow briar quality
Grabow Bench Made Pipe
An original Ajustomatic ...
Treaty Bond pipe
Rook Stingers
A very ODD find. Bing Crosby Grabow?
Shape #56
1940's Linkman's Ad
Facebook - The Dr. Grabow Collectors Forum
Savoy Lovat
Is this an "11"?
Regal Ajustomatic with unusual (?) rusticatiion
Savoy-Lite ???
Uncharted Ringmaster TR 2656
"Pipe Maker" pipes .......Mastercraft maybe?
Standard ?
Stumped by Stem Shape
broke my friend's vintage pipe belonging to her grandfather
Dr Grabow lighted sign?
Some new to me pipes
Log Cabin Sparta Pipe and Highlander
Big Pipe
Hollycourt 8824
Linkman-Dr Grabow
Linkman's Dr. Grabow 31
Linkman-Dr Grabow Pt 2
Royal Duke 82
Spade colors
It was a Blast!
Hillcrest finish (sort of...)
New member question: Red/White Spade?
myrtle beach
Golden Duke 67?
Grabow prices...then and now...
Dr Grabow Shape Charts and Advertisements
What do I have?
Viking Jr. spade?
pipe info
Collectors and Collectors Chioce
Dr Grabow Supremes
Grabows with spades
Continental 40/41
Grabow Meer-lined - your help appreciated
Hillcrest sizes
Linkman's Colombian?
#9808 & #9815
Pickaxe shape comparison
Mystery Mlc linkman hand made?
Another question mark
This a Grabow?
Laser Carved Grabow
What is this pipe?
new favorite pipe
A couple of questions about So La Res Pa
Bucko's have a cleaner / stinger??
new royalton question
just counted my grabows
What lines came with a triangle shank?
Silver Duke push filter
Help dating a grand duke
Can Cross another Name Plate off my list
Shank mounts
Amazing Dr. Grabow Service
Eldorado quesiton
Linkman's original Type I stingers
Willard pipes
Fifty Grand
Mountain Laurel Grabow
Eldorado Prince
Trademark spade on side of stem pointing up
Trademark spade on side of stem pointing at the smoker
Trademark Spade on top of stem pointing at bowl
Trademark Spade pointing at smoker
Linkman Trademarks
Linkman 9721
IP&A Special Pipes
Color of the spades
Linkman Deluxe Rusticated Apple
Help me date this Linkman's
Is it a Linkman pipe?
Linkman Holly Court
A question from down under
Stuck adjustomatics
A Tale Of Two Belvedere Canadians
Likman Canadian Stem
Yellow Spades
stinger in 2 parts......?
Tru-grain 6087
Newbe question re filter (aircooler)
question re silver band on Viscount
9816 Unusual cleaner and push stem combination
Dr. Grabow Dublins
Supreme Line ?
Found another early DPLavietes patent pipe
HL&T Royalton Crown
Epic Estate Score!!! 1950's NOS Dr. Grabow Salesman's Sample
When were Grabow HLT Royalton's made?
CDL patent
Linkman Building Chicago
Spade Trademark
Dr.Grabow Hollycourt?
"Continental Question" ???
Picked up this Regal today
Newbie Question about Westbrooks?
Linkman's pipe lines - not Grabow
Eldorado rustics
Modern Bulldogs
Type A3 stinger?
Linkman's Ambrol
Help identifying shapes #60, #66
Grabow Ventilator
The International Reach of DG
Replacement Pipe Stem
Mystery shape
Continental shapes
Viscount 311 question
Color Grabows
Westbrook's arrived from Joeman
Sculptura arrived
Wanted Preferably ALIVE NOT DEAD Dr. Grabow #81
Older Grabows from Germany
Dr. Grabow Supreme
Yellow spade Riviera
Grabow stems
Can you tell me what shape this Starfire is?
Vay Roy
Older Dr. Grabow pipes from Germany
Dr. Grabow Sandblasts
The guy with a Grabow in his mouth looks kind of familiar
New pipe owner question re: Viscount
Sinbad line 1180 shape
Viking opinion
Linkman letter suffix
Old Dukes Don't Die
Uncommon Duke Shape?
Mountain Laurel Linkman
Quality of Dr. Grabow Briar
Freehand Question
Spade on top of stem points at bowl
Pipe Mod for Flat Bottom
HOT Ash Fallout?
Bend Stem?
New Riviera
Really long straight slim prince?
Can anyone ID this grabow?
Check this out...a carb
Starfire ajusto?
Linkman/Grabow 8433A
How are 83's made?
Hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades question
Golden Duke Rustic in a Continental shape?
Freehand 07
Shape stamped Golden Duke
Is this a Collegiate?
Timeline of Sparta Grabow lines
Quality ranking of pipes
Metal Linkman?
Has to be....
66 Slim Prince dimensions
Blue Spade
Large Grabows?
KW fitting on Linkman Hollycourt
Number stamping
Odd Viking
L size shapes
Berwyck and Belvedere briar quality?
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