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Briar Tamper
Osage Orange Pot / Poker
Appreciation Tamper
LOL another small Cherry Wood
Mulberry Church Warden Poker
Another small Cherry Wood Poker
Self Cherry Wood Poker
Not a Tamper,it's my--
Flag Waving Tamper?
KW White Briar
Segmented and Inlaid Tamper.
Purdy Sandblasted Morta.
Olives on my table
Why Not
A Tamper
Head Scratching--With a Little help From My Friends !
Carving Strawberries
Another billiard for Ed.
Rhodie with authentic horn ferrule and flared stem
My First Olive Wood.
Olive wood poker I get to keep!
My olive cobs
Cob Cobblin'
My trolls
The Franky
Fresh pipes
What did I just get off of EBay
A MARVIC in the making
A Poker pipe to celebrate
Some new pipes
Dedicated to Dr Grabow pipes
All rustic Poker
Playing with briar and olive
Im not a pipe smith by no means.
Another olive on the bench
the captain black & the number 9 freehand pokers...
The Spartans Helmet II
The Spartans Helmet II
a little Greek strawberry
Making a Kirsten Gen. 1 Bowl.
Pair of Tampers.
Funky Fake Cavalier-Sorta.
Gary B's Tamper
The #Eggplant#
Rhodian Rhodesian ||
My last work
Stummel drilling jig.
Making stem blanks.
A ridiculous restoration ...
Another Rhodesian
Show us your DIY projects
Latest Commission
A new Poker pipe
Purdy-James Billiard Collaboration.
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