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Jim's Lane Vanilla Black Cavendish Review.
Jim's Revised GLP Stonehenge Review.
Whitehall pipe question
Tha same but different.
Drying tobacco
Jim's C&D Burley Flake Reviews.
Low Country Bulk Tobacco
Half & Half and Velvet
Pipes & Cigars
Moldy Tobacco?
Cult Blood Red Moon
burley question
pipe identification
Bargain Well-Aged Tobaccos Still for Sale!
Backwoods pipe tobacco
Smoking pipes C&D bulk
Reminder for Great Prices on OTC
Pure Tobacco
Pipes & Cigars Advanced Search
Admiral's Choice Vanilla
Bells House of Tobacco Cincinnati area
British American Tobacco to Discontinue Dunhill Pipe tobacco
C&D Pegasus
$1 Shipping and Free Pouches at P&C
Cheap Tobacco Help
Fake Tobacco Reviews
Tobacco suggestion please
Cornell & Diehl: Bob Bushman
Any issues with Sutliff Breckinridge?
paladin black cherry
Chatham Manor
Tobacco ridiculousness
McClelland goodness at my house closing
John Patton price hike
Jim's Villiger Export Reviews.
any help will be appreciated
FDA Deeming Regs
Anyone have any experience with aged Prince Albert?
Tobacco bargains
Whats your favorite tobacco and pipe shape?
Jim's Iwan Ries Three Star Blue Review.
Black cavendish the rescue.
At Long Last! The Blend You've Waited Your Whole Life For.
Aromatic favorites
Jim's C&D Christmas Blend '16 & Savinelli 140 Review
Tobacco for sale
Anyone have Storm Front?
CH thanks
Smoking Pipes Sale
Born After 2000? Banned From Smoking...
Bulk Up Now - Warning
Good Prices on Pipe Tobacco
A briar question
Jim's Low Country Guendalose Review.
Tobacco Bargains
Jim's C&D Carolina Red Flake Review.
Vintage EdgeWorth Ready Rub
Tobacco blending questions
Jim's C&D Bijou Review.
Moe's Confetti
Black cavendish to the rescue
PS Amsterdam & Norwegian
civil war
Anyone for a box pass?
Your Favorite Newly Discovered Blend of 2015 ?
Amphora Black, Gold Block, St. Bruno Flake, St. Bruno Ready
Just giving a SEAN shout
What About Tongue Bite?
Jim's Amphora Black Cavendish Review.
Aromatic Tobacco
All variants of the Captain 1.99 per ounce
C&D Espresso
Pipes and Cigars
Bravo Lane aromatics
Jim's Revised War Horse Ready Cut Review.
Tobacco Storage & re-moisturizing Help needed
Some Tips from Sterling Tobacco
C&D Big and Burley
Jim's Dan Tobacco London 1000 Review.
Jim's Revised Amphora Red and Brown Reviews.
Shape up, Russ
What President Ford Smoked.
$3 off tobacco coupon - free
A bargain suprise
Jim's Super Value Bourbon Whiskey, English Mixture Reviews.
Tobacoo choices
Captain Black coupons
mountain pass
Bothy Flake
Va/pers from Tony
Jim's Salty Dogs Review.
Standard Tobacco Company Release Dates.
Vanilla tobacco wanted
Anyone tried Medal Of Valor?
Picked up a couple new to me at the local B & M
WV Smokeshop Walnut Alternative
Jim's Lane 125th Anniversary Review.
P&C Releases Four New Blends.
Troost Discontinued.
St. Bruno, Amphora Red and Brown, and Gold Block to Return.
1Q to the rescue
Not for the faint of heart!
Old photos of tobacco cultivating and production in Greece.
Dunhill nightcap
Unopened pouch of George Washington Cut Plug Tobacco
All Hearth&Home Tins Sale.
Jim's MacBaren HH Pure Virginia Review.
Help with Tobacco choices
Acquired a few unopened tins.
How do you come to be a burley codger?
just a "click"
Tobacco swap
Jim's Hayward Mixture Review: What Bing Smoked.
Burley question
thrown in the trash.
Butera: "Kingfisher".
This Month in T.A.D.
Finally ordered Lane Limited Ready Rubbed
P&C 20% Off sale for 24 Hours
Just placed an order at P & C
Jim's Standard Tobacco Company Reviews.
South Carolina crop
Jim's Mississippi River Review.
Shelby Foote's Tobacco
a real deal
Passing on some free baccy
Drew Estate/ with update
Tobacco math
Burley TAD.
Sutliff and H&H Mid-Town Tubs.
Sutliff 212 - Burley Delight.... anyone smoke this blend?
NC tobacco crop
Prince Albert Sale.
Jim's Revised Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky Review.
Jim's Aged Capstan Blue Reviews.
New to me
Jim's 1930s Richmond Mixture Review.
Jim's 1980/81 Nightcap Review.
Jim's G&H Rum Twist Unsliced Rope Review.
Cornell & Diehl Bob Buschman bulk
Leaves of the Gods
3 tobacco choices
what I took on vacation...
Jim's Pipe and Tobacco-Panama City, FL
Jim's Dunhill Three Year Matured Virginia Review.
Finished the M79
Mixtue 79 Redux
Jim's D&R Reviews.
Jim's Lane Limited Ready Rubbed Review.
Jim's Mixture #79 Review.
Hearth&Home Mid-Town Tubs on Sale: $19.99
Jim's Peter Heinrichs' Curly Block Review.
The Dreaded Mixture No. 79
Edgeworth RR Returns with a New Name.
Jim's Dunhill My Mixture BB1938 Review.
4Noggins Sale C&D bulk sale
Just an idea.
Captain Black Dark
Any fans of Mac Baren Golden Extra ?
Jim's SG Brown Sugar Flake Review.
Castleford Tobacco Pouch Review
Jim's Saint James Plug Review.
Irish Flake is "back"
Jim's GLP JackKnife Plug Review.
Jim's RO Fire Storm Review.
C&D Pegausus and Three Friars
Molto Dolce in bulk?
John Patton Blends
Daughters and Ryan Ryback Regular
Jim's MacBaren HH Bold Kentucky Review.
Nimrod Lighter
Pipe shop Roadtrip Score
Borkum Riff Bourbon Whiskey
Mac Baren - Mixture Scottish Blend
Got some tobacco, now what?
Kentucky Club
'baccy shop in Johnson City, TN-Shamrock
How Latakia is Made: Wonderful World of Pipes 1970
Found me a nice blend.
McLintock: "Black Magic".
Acid lessens bite?
P&C Waste of Time
argosy black
C&D Night Train ........any smoke this blend?
How to store tobacco correctly?
2 new Brigadier Black blends from P&C
Sweet Cask early impressions
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