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ozark southpaw

Pair of Continentals

Finished shining up the two today. Don't recall where the Emperor 48 came from but the Viscount 39 came from Joe- unsmoked.

The Emperor I refinished,the Viscount just needed a little oxidation removed and shining up. The 48 is my favorite Continental shape.
Both are fill free.

Gary Balestrieri Jr

Shiny ain't the word Ed!  Cool  Cool  Brilliantly  Stunning is more like it!  Wow!!

Beautiful Ed..
Thelonious Monkfish

Yeah... mm hmm, yep, those, like 'em.

Those both look great.

Awesome pipes Ed, they both have fantastic grain, and I love the shapes. I also agree that's a lot better than just cleaned up sir, they are stunning.
ozark southpaw

Thanks Gents!! I would have loved to refinish that Viscount but,when they're as nice as this one is I refuse to strip them. The birds eye on that pipe would really pop with a little more sanding.

Yikes!  Those are beautiful.  Great work!

Well shut the front door and wipe the drool from my chin whiskers. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

really nice- too pretty to smoke
ozark southpaw

Thanks Dean,Wayne and Al ! They probably won't get smoked. Thinking I will put the Viscount on the Skyliner. I have a double carved 39 on it already. Since the Emperor doesn't take a filter it will join my other dust collectors here in my computer Room.

Sooooooooo niiiiiiice!! Very Happy

Superb spiffin as always Ed!  Those two have some very nice grain.

I like that 39 !! Those both are nice but that 39 is sweeet .

WOW realy nice job   Shocked
ozark southpaw

Thanks guys!
C.E. Purdy

We don't call you "da master" for nuthin!  

WOW Cool

Beautiful, Ed! Both are lookers, but I'm really digging that 39.
ozark southpaw

C.E. Purdy wrote:
We don't call you "da master" for nuthin!  

WOW Cool

Well,that has changed- at my request- I was never comfortable with that. There are several guys here who's work is just as good as mine and some who do some things better.  I do appreciate the sentiment.

Beautiful work Ed. They are really pretty sweet looking.
ozark southpaw

Thanks Carl,Tony and Steve!


Ed, it can go without saying, or having 'master' on your profile...but you already know how much we here appreciate your skills...and have learned so much from you.  Smile

Thanks for showing these.  Looking at this 39's got the nicest birdseye on any 39 I've seen, wow!

My, God, the Grain and Birds Eye are stunning. Great job old boy!
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