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Phil's Unique

Phil Woodard just recently snapped up this Unique in a buy-it-now...the man is quick to the draw!!  He asked me to share the images I took.

From Tom: "I sold the last dozen or so out of the factory door to tourists. (another story). Made by Jimmy Jones and Gracen Lucas in 1959-1961/2. According to Gracen Lucas, only about 500 Uniques were made.. td"

Phil had it shipped to me since he knew it needed just a little love before being introduced to his farm.  I remedied some gashes to the briar on one side (didn't take any 'before' of the damage), the overall finish and rim needed freshening and a buff, stem had only minimal oxidation, and Phil wanted a bowl coating added once sanitized.  

In these images, it's been reunited with my Unique.  

Phil's pipe, while shorter, will take just as much tobacco given the oval chamber. (Phil's on right)

Lots of birds on the rim...and especially the bottom!! (Phil's on left) I nearly sent him mine and kept his by accident. Shocked Shocked Shocked

Congrats man, for bringing home one of just 500 made!!

I'm really happy that another Unique has found a home.
Beautiful work (as usual) Joe..  td

Cool pipes, Congrats!!!

Uniquely done!

Congrats on the pipe!

Congrats Phil, she's a beaut!

Joe, when do you sleep? Excellent work!

I can't take credit for finding this one.  I was looking at another listed on ebay and Alex alerted me to this on with a buy it now.  It is amazing how you go months or longer without seeing a pipe you are looking for and then two show up the same week!  Thanks to Alex and Joe for their help with such a cool pipe.  Now to add some Carter Hall and see how it smokes.

That is GORGEOUS...  I'm terribly jealous...  Where, exactly, do you live Phil?  Just out of curiosity?


Very nice indeed.
ozark southpaw

Nice score Phil and nice work on the refurb Joe !

A beautiful pipe Phil. Congratulations.
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