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Show us your favorite GRABOW PIPE

I KNOW I KNOW , You got to many to pick just one LOL , Don't be a old stick in the mud show us your favorite Grabow PIPE . Royal Duke.


Shocked Ok, you're right, there's waaaaaaaaay too many. However that's such a nice looking Royal Duke 81, I figured I'd start with this Eldo 81.

Or maybe this Eldo 81.

Then again, there's this Viscount 81.

Rolling Eyes  Wink

Hard choice between my 84 Sculptura or 36y Golden Duke.

I'll say its the Sculptura


Tough decision but, this 37 Smooth SF is one of my fave go-to pipes.

Wow...a lot of 81 lovers!  One of my very favorite Sparta shapes!!

This is easy. You could offer me 10 Dunhills and I'd not trade this Hillcrest. It's my first Grabow, and by far my favorite pipe of all.  Smokes great...looks great...and it's a real hunk of briar.  


Very nice looking pipes guys.  Thanks for sharing.
Thelonious Monkfish

Wish they had made more of the 25, Starfire


Sometimes I smoke and admire the grain of a pipe.  My favorite Grabow to look at the grain is a tie between these 2.

Either could have been finished as an Emperor in my opinion.

Spade...I can see why!!

Well, I went down to my mailbox this afternoon and found two Dr. Grabows that are headed for the "favorite" category among my pipes.

Recently I refurbed and old Big Pipe but it had stem problems that I didn't like - it is the first non-filter Big Pipe I have ever run across. So, I talked to Ed James about it and he said send it out and he'd see what he could do with it.

Here's what I sent him:

Here's what I found in my mailbox this afternoon:

What a beautiful job Ed did on this one. It smoked well before I sent it too him but he transformed it into something I'll be puffing on for a long, long time. Simply a wonderful job of making a very comfortable acrylic stem for this Big Pipe and removing the mortise damage it had when I originally got it.

And, if that were not enough there was a package in the mail from Alex - Thadeous - who had volunteered a while back to patch a chewed out stem on an old beater of a Rivera bulldog I had salvaged from the junk box. Here's what he sent back, along with the bamboo tamper in front of it, and I am just gaga about:

This one has all the potential of becoming one of those favorites I tote around for shorter smokes when I am away from the house. It's a little beauty - Alex really did a wonderful job on this one and nicely touched up the whole finish of it.

Many thanks to both Ed and Alex for their kindness and generosity!

Congrats on a couple of beauties, Dave. Nice work Alex and Ed. Good no both of yous.

WayneD wrote:
Congrats on a couple of beauties, Dave. Nice work Alex and Ed. Good no both of yous.

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