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Smoke Master Sandblast Large Billiard (69)

I picked this Smoke Master Sandblast up last week on Ebay.

It was mostly dirty and needed a good cleaning,stem sanding, buff and wax. I did have to fill and file a couple of tooth marks.

The pipe is also featured on my blog along with pictures of coupon and order forms for Smoke Master pipes. So for more pics and info please click on the link.

Smoke Master Sandblast #69


Nice pipe Troy, you always make them look great.

dandy looking pipe!

Nice restore Troy ... enjoy!

Very nice pipe bud well done, G'Day

You know of course I like this pipe. Its a favorite shape and size and I'm rather fond of sandblasts too. Great job getting it back in action!

really nice restore. I always liked the pipe cleaner /filter idea for some reason

Another Great Job, Congrats!!! I like the blast on that one.

Nice job old boy.I do love my smoke masters.

Thanks everyone .
I have smoked 3 or 4 bowls now with the tube and pipe cleaner removed. It has a really wide open draw now and i think i prefer to smoke it like this.

Its a very good smoking pipe !
Thelonious Monkfish

Nice work. Good looking blast and I agree, with the tube and cleaner removed draw is much better on those.

Great looking pipe, Troy. Really nice blast texture.

Troy, that's a beautiful blast on that pipe brother.
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