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Supreme / Omega

I saw a group of 5 pipes on the bag today, including an Omega...which appeared to have something other than Omega stamped on it...

I looked closer, and sure enough...'Supreme'...which I believe means this was made in the late 40's or early 50's latest.  Shape is 9451...

I thought Omega was a Wellington copy...and perhaps it was...but this Supreme appears to be Grabow's first whack at the Peterson / Wellington type system pipe style.

As I kept looking...while it has the P-lip (like a Peterson) appears that the bit is upside down!

I can't imagine a guy in the factory doing this on purpose...and even if he was in a hurry and could it get through additional hands before it was sold this way?  I'm guessing that sometime during the 65 year life of this pipe...some guy who does NOT care for the P-lip decided to heat it and bend it the other way.  I can tell you it will soon be bent back...because I snagged the lot and it's on its way to the upstate of SC


That's a dandy, Joe...  Interesting stuff...  Makes you wonder what some of these pipes have been through.

Very cool old pipe Joe, congrats sir, and I really look forward to seeing it all cleaned up, and bent back right. I do like the way of favors the Peterson/Wellington bowls.

Congrats. That's a nice score. Should be a real dandy when you get done with it.

I thought the Omega was a derivative of the Italian Well Pipe originally.

Interesting pipe there indeed!
ozark southpaw

Cool find Joe !!

Nice find

Has anyone else seen this style / shape back in one of the earlier Grabow lines?

Interesting find. I have never seen an omega stamped like that.

Well...I'm sure I caused the confusion myself by calling it an 'Omega' at all.  Smile  It's not an Omega, and based on the Supreme stamping, predates Omega by many years.  I was simply sure it was until I zoomed in on the stampings!

It is good to get a 'new' piece to an old puzzle with such rich historic American roots.
ozark southpaw

Looks like another one that needs to be added to the shape charts.

This makes three,that I can remember, that have showed up lately that are not on the Linkman shape charts.
But then Sparta has made some also that are not on the charts.  Oom Paul Commodore, round shank 83 etc.
Dave G

Very cool. Great find.

A 9400 series Supreme should have been made between 1943-1949 in Chicago. The **51 shape Dr. Grabow around then was a large straight billiard, except this one obviously.

Thanks Dr B.  I will post again within a couple days once it arrives...and will show the stampings better.

Great find Joe! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Nice find indeed there Joe.
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