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The Franky

The Franky is brought to you by a joint venture of Marvic/Tinmar Productions. The Creeper from the Sleeper sent me his muck up of a pipe. He went to bend the stem and it cracked on him. He tried to patch with not so desirable results. Instead of messing with it, he sent it my way to play with. Since he had all the easy stuff done already, I was up for the challenge. I got the stem repatched with only some minor blemishes. After conversing with Gary, I found out I was working on a German Ebonite stem. For the record: I hate GE stem material!  I then went after the stummel with a Dremel and my GarysATool rustication. I wanted to leave the top smooth so, the flaws on the passenger side, to me are acceptable. I dyed black at the heel and transitioned to med brown in the rustication. Knocked it down with sandpaper and then buckskin all over. And then knocked down with sandpaper again. Then buff and wax the whole pipe. All and all it was a fun lil project. Can't wait to see how she burns it up.

ozark southpaw

Nice work !

Now that's a pipe! And the blem is perfect. It lends some character and dimension to the pipe. Nice work!
C.E. Purdy

Whoa brother! That's nice.

Now go enjoy the fruits of your labor, along with a hydraulic sandwich  Cool

Nice work!

Thanks gentlemen, appreciated. And thanks fer the green light, CE. But, I may or may not have already run the red light. Twisted Evil
ol gto

Nice work, enjoy!
Thelonious Monkfish

Man, that looks good, have you considered bending the stem more?...

Thanks guys. And no TM, I haven't considered bending the stem more. If a rookie like Gary had problems with it..............I can only imagine the problems I would run into.  Wink

Love the shape.  Nice pipe Gary and Wayne!

Dandy pipe...  Looks like a solid smoker, too!

nice - looks like it should be a good smoker too

I really like the way she turned out. Congrats on some very nice work, and great end result.

Wayne, is that a brass layer in the stem?

Thanks, fellas!! She is indeed a nice lil smoker. Brass inlay, Joeman? Pshaw! That's solid 24k gold. Only the best bling on my pipes. Bwahahahahaha!!!! Ok. Ok. It's brass. I knew I wouldn't fool anybody for long.

Well done Sir!!

Very nice work ! Very Happy [/i]

Thanks, gents! Appreciated.

Now thats what I call a chunk o Briar! Great job my man!

Excellent work indeed!

pipesbywhitney wrote:
Now that's a pipe! And the blem is perfect. It lends some character and dimension to the pipe. Nice work!
copy that, +1 !

Thanks kindly, gentlemen.
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