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Tobacco Press

I whipped together a little tobacco press a while back, out of scrap wood from a fence we tore down.
I now have the jack on top of the form, instead of this weird upside-down configuration.

I really like how the pressing melds the tobacco.

I'd like to weld up a metal one someday.


Very cool.
Thelonious Monkfish

Nice set up. I like the marriage of flavors from pressing too but have never gone so elaborate. One way I do is stuffing a plastic bag full to where it barely seals when the air is compressed out, than shove that in another bag and compress it more before setting it between some wood in the vice, whenever I pass I'll crank it a little tighter. Also like to sandwich as much tobacco as I can hold together between the lid and body of old tins and just press them together by hand until I can twist seal it, then shove it under something heavy like a couch or bed. Here's one from a tin that was left for about 10 days or so, makes a loose kake.
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