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Tri-shank Wirecarved Starfire

I just got this rescue pipe in the mail today. I adopted it from CE Purdys Home for Lost and Misfit Pipes. The pipe is restored beautifully and will be my 6th Starfire in my collection. I couldn't believe it lasted as long as it did on his Etsy site. It even came with some  Kentucky Gold pipe food. He also sent along some Daughters and Ryan baccy for my RYO addiction. Thanks again, Carl.
Thelonious Monkfish


sweet looking pipe
Gary Balestrieri Jr

Love those tri shanks!  Congrats brother!  You gotta get a group shot of your Starfires.  Very Happy
We'd love to see the family!

Very nice, Wayne! Please take my envy and treat it well.

Excellent, congratulations!
ozark southpaw

Very nice TR Wayne! I like the triangular shanks!

That's a really sweet TR Wayne, congrats sir.

Great looker!

nice score
Dave G

They don't call 'em Purdy pipes for nothing. I've bought a couple from carls shop he does an excellent resto/repair.

Good looking TR.
C.E. Purdy

Glad you're happy Wayne!

Excellent looking TR! Hard to beat a nice black wirecarved.

Congrats on your new pipe.

Thanks for the comments, gents. She smokes as good as she looks.

That is a very nice pipe congrats.
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