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Umarked 25

They finally came down some on the price so I caved in , I will send it to the grabow factory & get it re stemmed & stamped , G'Day;ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Tiki Vegas

Amazing the original asking price without a maker stamp. That could have been a basket pipe for all they knew. No wonder I didn't see this one. You've got a good eye. It'll look great.

It's worth that price.  25's can go silent for months at a time, and nice condition stamped examples have been know to get bid up to 60 or 70 bucks when they show up after a drought.

Fine looking Cherrywood shape there Jack, congratulations!

Nice!  Congrats!

Very nice, Congrats!

Sweet find man. I have an un-stamped one that I didn't even know was a Grabow for about 2 years.

Thanks Guys, G'Day

I think you've definitely won the internet for today.

Outstanding score!

Shocked  Shocked  Shocked
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